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1989 Arrows A11 SOLD

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Serial Number: A11 02 and 04
Condition: Project
Price:  US $115,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

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Arrows A11 02 and 04 History. Built for Derek Warwick, 02 competed in twelve Grand Prix with him, (Brazil, San Marino, Monaco, Mexico, USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy and Portugal), and once with Martin Donnelly, (France). In fact, 02 nearly won the first race in Brazil. The couple of minutes the team wasted in the pits, turned out to be more than the time difference between Derek and the winner Nigel Mansell. Out of the box, Ross Brawn's A11 design was a good car, almost always in the top half of the grid throughout the year and consistantly collecting points. Although, any of the Cosworth customers would have been hard pressed to expect anything more, than the occasional podium finish. Derek Warwick would probably have used 02 for the last three races, had it not been for a carbon rotor exploding, while breaking for the hairpin at Jerez, Spain. This pitched the car into the wall backwards. The tub being damaged at the rear bulkhead by the engine. Derek had used 02 for every GP up until then. That is, except when Martin Donnelly replaced him, due to a Hang Gliding accident. Hang Gliding was expressly forbidden in Derek's contract for a good reason! As long as the race was not at a fast circuit the A11 was quiet competitive. This proved the case in Canada, where 02 took Derek from eleventh on the grid to third position within fourteen laps, on a wet circuit. In the middle of the race Warwick was in the lead, but it only lasted four laps before the McLaren steamroller came back and water got to Dereks engine, stoping it. 04 was first seen at the French GP for Eddie Cheever. All Eddies chassis' had to be especially modified to accommodate his tall frame. This is still evident in 04, the forward part of the cockpit having had the angled panel, that runs floor to dashboard bulkhead, removed. The hole for the legs in this bulkhead is also cut lower. This allowed Eddie to move forward when his knees are raised, with the aim of bringing his head lower, so as not to mask the air intake so much. Cheever took 04 to nine races, France, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan and Australia. The A11 being reasonably competitive for him. An A11 did take him to third place at the Phoenix GP, near his home in the USA and 04 gave him fifth in Hungary, but reliability was an issue this season. A11 04's last GP was Australia. Unfortunatly, the car never made it to the race. In practice Eddie lost the car on the curb exiting the corner onto the pit straight. The rear clipped the stand wall, pushing the engine into the tub (I have video of the accident). Both cars then, suffered almost the same damage in 1989. The factory could have repaired them. Having spare chassis though, meant building up a spare tub into a running car was easier. Although, in 04's case, being the Australia and last race, this isn't strictly what happened. Arrows built 5 A11 tubs in the winter 1988/9 at a cost of Eighty Five thousand Pounds, each. And that was before they screwed anything to it. Originally, in 1992, I found the A11 02 chassis plate, glued to an ex-Arrows mechanics tool box. I bought it for 25 Pounds and then started on a hunt for the car. Eventually, I found both damaged A11's, in the attic of an engineering company and bought all of the parts that are now, A11 02 and 04. A short time after acquiring both damaged A11 chassis, the factory moulds became available and I therefore had two completely new sections made for the lower rear of the tubs. Ex Arrows personel made the parts and grafted them into place, pointing out that the cars were now stronger than when new, if marginally heavier. A11 02 was built up through the mid 1990's, using all original Arrows parts. That is except for the mirrors, that were made from the original moulds. A11 04 is not quite as complete. Some parts will need making to finish it and I estimate there is 5% of parts to make. Although that is not a problem, since 02's parts can be used as patterns. Infact, it would be sensible to make moulds of everything, if the cars are to be used. There are some parts that are spare (uprights and wishbones). The main parts missing from A11 02 are, loom, dampers (Penski), break lines, seat belts, extinguisher system and a running DFR and its systems. The gear box was fresh from factory at the time of purchase. The show DFR fitted is a damaged block and heads, but understood to be repairable. The rebuilt engine that I have, is with Phil Price at Conaught Competition Engines Ltd (Philpriceconaught@hillclimb.freeserve.co.uk) and is not complete. It will need between six and eight thousand Pounds spending on it to complete it. Phil has said it would be best if a prospective purchaser talks directly with him concerning its present condition. Interestingly, considering that New Zealand has the reputation of being one of the least expensive places in the world, to have vehicles renovated and the fact that ex formula one personel are not-uncommon here, finishing the two cars in New Zealand, would present an option. Even the DFR would not be difficult to finish here. For the cost conscious, it's a good option. And, being a Cosworth chassis, (Hewland Gearbox internals) the A11 is a relatively simple and inexpensive car to run.


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