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2004 Radical SR3 supercharged Race Ready w HUGE spares! SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $55,000 Spares Included  Currency_Convert
Location: Okauchee, Wisconsin US

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LOW TIME 2004 Radical SR3 325 hp! 1100 pounds!(1300cc 1.5 hours only supercharged) ALSO 1500cc FRESH zero hour Powertech ALSO has supercharger (BOTH motors are DRY SUMP) (260 hp w out supercharger 400 with!!)$15,000 in special electronics! Set up for launch control, pit lane speed limiter, traction control, wheel mounted (way better than stock) electronic dash, TWO ECUs (one for each motor) High downforce aerodynamics (byplane wing w big carbon end plates, special front splitter, rear underbody diffuser, special bigger side air intakes and special front brake circular ducts which you need for this much power because the car is SO freaking fast!, drivers side NACA duct for air on driver on hot days / close on cool days, nice!) NEVER crashed or even off track (spun 2 times, on track period). TEN (10) spare centerlock wheels plus the 4 on the car! the usual 15" & 16" wheels PLUS CUSTOM MADE 17" unused matching wheels too!!! SWEET! Single high side seat w pad. CUSTOM beautiful color paint scheme blue fading to gray. FULL light kit, Airjacks (installed). BOTH engines have exhaust too plus spare incidentals like halfshafts/pads etc.... Gel Cell lightweight battery, UNBELIEVEABLY fast! Can be made street legal too!!!!! Spare front end WITH front end MOLD! (make front ends no problem! has those custom driver side NACA duct & brake vents built in to mold) This car is fresh and ready to ROCK! TWO fresh Powertech motors (1300 & 1500 w superchargers!) This is the fastest SR3 anywhere I have ever seen or heard about and if you don't believe me look at what the SR8 puts out (363 hp and 250 pounds heavier!) this car 1100 pounds 325 hp OR 400 hp! WOW! New slicks/ great scrub slicks and excellent like new rains too!!! This car will absolutely blow your mind! Hotter than the Radical that broke/holds the Nurburgring lap record! he sapre NEW motor w out the supercharger is worth $10k easy and I will keep it if you want that amount taken off of the price? You will NEVER be the same once you try this car TRUST ME! ULTIMATE trackday car or WINNING race series car as is! Have two different sets of gearing w Quaiffe differential and reverse (no chain drive) WICKED FAST GEORGEOUS INSANE CAR W TONS OF SPARES!!! (spare low downforce rear wing color matched too)

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