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2003 SIS TECH Formula S SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $7,500  Currency_Convert
Location: San Diego, Ca.

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Running Formula S ( S Sport Racer ) Powered by a Suzuki RF900 water cooled engine ( 135 HP ) to a Forward / Reverse differential ( YES-REVERSE! ) Chassis will accept a GSXR1100 engine ( not included ) for 150+ HP. Engine swaps in about 1 hour. New tires and wheels, 1 spare set of wheels included. Brand new fire system, harness is 2003.Excellent codition, body paint pretty good, a new coat of black would make it like new. Running condition, made for drivers 6 foot and shorter, less than 200 lbs, 14 inch seat. A cheap entry into Formula S1 racing, and easy to repair / replace engine/trans as Suzuki RF900/ GSXR1100 engines are easy and cheap to obtain. As of now, it needs nothing. Bar graph temp guage, electronic speedo, sequetial shifting ( push-pull, no H pattern ) AND REVERSE! QD steering wheel, shift light set at 10,000 RPM, redine is 10.5K. 5 gallon fuel cell. Only run on NO-LOAD Dyno since I owned it, did 168 MPH on the Dyno, OBVIOUSLY it wont do that on the track with wind and rolling resistance, probably will do 125-135 MPH in reality. I HAVE ADDED A LINK TO THE CAR MANUFACTURE'S WEBSITE http://www.formula-s1.com/about.htm LOTS OF INFO THERE! THIS ACTUAL CAR ( black ) is on the SPECS page of their website! ****I'm getting a LOT of requests about if the builder is still in business. It appears SIS tech closed up in 2005. They will no longer supply parts. THAT'S WHY THIS '03 is $9000, not $15000+ if it were a Reynard...You have to give up certain things in life..in this case the car is cheap but you'd have to have parts fabricated if you crashed or...SO DON'T CRASH!! Some drivers will go so far as to remove control arms, etc, and have spares made up BEFORE they need them, since it's so much easier to duplicate a straight piece than a damaged one. I have the same problem with my March Indy Lights car, they're LONG GONE, so I have to search, scavenge or remake parts myself. I doubt you can even get parts for a Reynard or Swift that were more than 10-15 years old. Join the club, finding parts is part of the game, unless you have $60,000 to buy a NEW DSR, but who knows how long some of these new companies will be around?


Prototype car, no racing history, only track days

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System




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