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1972 Mallock Mk 15 complete, ready SOLD

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Condition: Very Good
Price:  US $22,500  Currency_Convert
Location: Stratford, Connecticut

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One of three built...advanced space frame chassis, fully adjustable suspension, DeDion rear suspension, uprated 1600 Ford bored to 1700cc, race prepared head, Cosworth BDD rod, balanced, race cam, twin 45 DCOE Webers, dry sump, race flywheel and clutch, 2000E close ratio gearbox, four wheel alloy AP calipers, 10" front and 11" rear modular wheels with Avon intermediate racing tires, new shocks and springs, ATL fuel cell, fire system, newly painted fenders and nose, roll bar, 5 pt harnesses, THIS IS A FABULOUS historic racer that is generally put in the production clases where it is super competitive. We bought the car, had a friend test it at Mid Ohio where his lap times were competitive with cars in its SVRA class, we ran it at Summit Point where we found it to be fast, excellent handling, oil pressure was excellent, no smoke, gearbox, brakes, steering, etc. all worked well. Now...sitting and for sale (why? Well, I decided that having three Mallocks was one too many hence its sale)


Mallocks have been known, since their first car in 1959, as literal 'giant killers' capable of a high level of competiveness against later mid engined racers. Only one model has ever been built, the famous 'U2' (Arthur Mallock's little joke, taken from a Charles Atlas body building ad..."You too can have a body like this!"). Yet the car is so versatile, they have been run in such varied classes as production, sports/racer, with fenders off in Fm IV, III, II, Ford, and English Clubmans. This car is one of three DeDion cars build in the early 1970s...offers the most advanced tubular space frame chassis made, sophisticated set up of suspension, all 'real' race car equipment such as alloy AP disc calipers on all four corners, adjustable springs and shocks, a potent 1700cc Ford dry sumped engine, close ratio trans, fire system, fuel cell, etc. I have raced my own, slightly earlier Mallock for five years and have consistently finished in the top two at most of the raced entered...even against potent competition, cars costing ten times the cost of my Mallock and three or four times the horsepower. The Mallock gives away nothing in handling or braking to anything on the track, especially in the wet. And with a ready to go weight of around 1,000 pounds, the 135-145hp engine (capable of substantially more) provides very potent overall performance.

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





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