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1970 Lotus Super 7 Series III SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $34,500  Currency_Convert
Location: Stratford, CT, USA

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Spectacular car.....immaculate throughout....great for road or track use and nicely prepared for both. ----------------- No more then a few hundred break in miles on professionally rebuilt modified 1661cc Cosworth-Ford engine (the original 1600 Kent engine, overbored +060", CT 296 high lift cam, balanced, new pistons, head mildly ported), twin Webers, tubular racing headers, electronic ignition, dry sump lubrication, Ford 4 speed, new alloy Panasports, 175/60 Sumitomos (and a set of Yokohamas for track days), 'street' roll bar with forward brace for racing, new twin master cylinders with adjustable balance bar, Spax shocks, rewired, new alloy fuel tank, road and twin racing screens, stainless steel exhaust, the list is nearly endless. --------------------- What to do with this car? Well, clearly an electrifying road car with awesome performance. Have a cell installed inside the fuel tank and go racing....a wonderful historic racing car that could (under ideal circumstances) be driven to and from a race circuit. ---------------------- No, the engine is not 'state of the art racing' but, then again, if it was, the car would not be usable for road use. But as a nice compromise, it is close to ideal. ------------------------- But it is one incredible Super 7 and the best we have ever had for sale in 35 years of selling these cars. And worth a look. ------------------------ Oh....originial or not? Dunno. NOBODY does or can know. Ya see the issue is that EVERY SINGLE correct, original Lotus Super 7 built during the time these cars were assembled by Lotus Components (before the company went 'up market' in 1974 causing the demise of this division that was concentrating on the production of Lotus 7s and 61 Fm Fords), eventually sourced replacement parts from Caterham Car Sales in Surrey. Causing, over time, a dilution in originality. Crashed your 7 at Silverstone in 1983? Call Caterham for replacement parts. Restoring your car in Denver in 1992? Call Caterham for replacements parts. Wanna redo your Super 7 in Pittsburgh in 2004? Call Caterham for replacement parts. ------------------------- And little by little, a LOT of new Caterham parts wind up on old, original 7s. Yeah, its a fact. ------------------- Now this car has what certainly appears to be an original Lotus Components chassis plate, is certainly registered as a 'proper' 1970 Lotus Super 7 Series III, and is devoid of a lot of 'obvious' Caterham parts (such as dash, 'modern' gauges, and other more recent changes and improvements). To me, it is a genuine 1970 Super 7. And to you? (I might add that I always purposely left a lot of ratty original pieces and panels on my own '59 Super 7 purely for the purpose of validating the car's originality. A common situation in vintage race racing where the paradox is that 'perfect' looking cars can appear to have a dubious provenance while slightly ratty cars are beyond reproach BUT, well, a bit 'ratty.') ------------------------- For road....needs absolutely nothing. For historic racing, needs a fuel cell and an external battery switch. Thats about it. Whatever it is, whatever the intended use....it is a wonderful, fast, beautifully prepared Super 7.


Lotus Type Reference Other Production   Historic Sports Racer Listings Lotus Listings

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