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1994 Lola SR-71 Sports 2000 Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: tbd
Gearbox Number: tbd
Logbooks: SCCA
Condition: Very Good
Price: $25,000 USD
Location: New Hampshire (Northeastern) US
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The latest SR-71 chassis has been the fastest Sports 2000 car at every Run-offs it has attended. (Simmons, Gnazzo, and Johnson at Road Atlanta.) Certainly some of this speed came from Steven Johnson serving as race engineer for each of these events; However, Steven is also the mastermind behind this chassis' design: one which typically utilizes the Lola 598 as its basis. Although modifications include minor alterations to the tub and front suspension geometry, the chassis' major superiority comes from a thorough redesign of the car's rear half. Additional custom valving of Koni shocks, and significant aerodynamic modifications contribute further to the package. The primary objective of the chassis' structural design is to provide an incredibly rigid platform for the suspension to work from. this allows the use of very soft springs, and gains the requisite mechanical grip. Other cars add spring rate to compensate for inadequate structural integrity, and sacrifice both mechanical grip and "feel." With the Swift, this is compounded by the body’s substantial inability to generate adequate downforce.

The owner assisted in the car’s construction in '94, and remember it as the best example of all the cars Steven and he put together during his time as a Johnson Engineering employee. They opted to use the newer 86-90 tub for this car, as it is virtually identical to 598 tubs, with only minor differences. In '96, the tub got a new, flush-buck riveted Titanium floor.

A description of this particular car follows. It is supplemented by a staggering spares package, the result of the owner's buy-out of all Steven’s remaining Sports 2000 parts. Listed below, the spares invnetory probably contains enough components to construct more than one car, including 1 and 1/2 tubs. The car is a beautiful, clean example of the dominant, mysteriously fast SR-71.

Although it can be considered “race ready,” It has not been raced in the last year, and should receive a precautionary check-up prior to any on-track activities.

This could arguably be the fastest, most complete, and affordable Sports 2000 package available.


This particular car was the last SR-71 built. Ed Breault has campaigned the car in the Northeast for the last few years.

Recent Competition History

Numerous National wins in prior years. It was not raced last year.


Fuel System

Electrical System


Final Drive





Lola Type Reference Sports 2 Listings Modern Sports Racer Listings Lola Listings

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