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1966 Chevy Chevrolet L72/M22 Corvette Racecar Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: tbd
Condition: Concours, Excellent
Price: $300,000 USD
Location: Florida USA
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This is an extremely rare competition Corvette built exclusively for Yenko Chevrolet by G.M. One of two L72/M22 Corvettes (from a total of 15 M22 Corvettes) built in 1966, it is extensively documented and ready for the track or a museum.


In early 1966 Micheal Summers of Syracuse, New York contacted his close friend Don Yenko (Yenko Chevrolet, Canonsburg PA.) to order a Corvette to be used for A-Production Racing exclusively. Don Yenko in turn contacted Chevroloet to obtain the most powerful Corvette available at the time (Spring 1966) with every "Heavy Duty" option. Racers like Yenko, Penske, and a few others were able to order "Leading edge" Corvettes like Summers car due to a close relationship with Zora Duntov and the G.M. Engineering center.

On Tuesday May 31, 1966 this very special Corvette was built in St. Louis, Missouri for Yenko Chevrolet. It was built with the legendary L-72 427, the rare M-22 "Rock Crusher" transmission, J-56 dual pin brakes, F-41 suspension, G-81 positraction, K-66 transistorized ignition and was radio/heater delete. This Corvette was shipped with a hardtop only.

Upon arrival, Don Yenko "race prepped" this car himself for Mike Summers. He installed a single loop rollbar, shaved the fender wells, removed the bumpers, installed a 42 gallon custom fabricated fuel tank behind the seats, put 7 inch American Torque Thrust wheels on, sawed off the windshield and put a windscreen on (a conventional windshield assembly was re-installed by the third owner). Yenko's final touch was to pull the factory 427 and perform his own "magic" on it. This resulted in a very powerful 427 that was known to outrun the two 1968 Sunray DX-OIL L-88 corvettes on all the straightaways (they could corner faster due to thier wider tires.) Summer's Corvette was sponsored by his family owned business, Best Photo. It was campained with numbers 45, 31, and 3.

What makes this car so valuable is that it is one of two competition Corvettes built with the L-72/M22 designation (of a total of 15 M-22 Corvettes built in 1966), the fact that it was built for Yenko Chevrolet, that it was raced from day one, and most importantly.... these Corvettes were the predecessors to the legendary L-88's (which were first built in 1967). These 15 1966 "M-22" Corvettes are in fact rarer than the 1967 L-88's as there were 20 of those built.

Summers raced this Corvette at most North American Road Race Courses from 1966 through 1970 when he sold it to a Bob Miller. Miller campained it throughout the Northeast until the mid 70's.

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Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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