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1998 Chevy Camaro Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 2G1FP22K4W2103079
Condition: Good
Price:  US $3,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Houston, Texas

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[UPDATE: I really need an economical beater car for a job I just started and selling this Camaro is really the only funds I have available to purchase what I really need. I need this Camaro sold ASAP, hence a new bottom line price of $3500 OBO. Please leave number/contact information in your message, it's hard to contact potential buyers without contact information!] This V6 Camaro was not created as a daily driver car; its main purpose in life is autocrossing and track days at road courses. It is street legal (working lights, working signals, working horn, passes emissions, Street Legal DOT-R tires) but requires a lot of concentration to drive on the road with the wide sticky tires and a quick response suspension. Curb weight with full fuel load is nearly 3,200lbs - some 200lbs lighter than stock. You could easily get this car near 3,100lbs with removal of A/C system and other items that are still on it. This car wants to rotate really quickly and is very agile on its feet (it actually can chase down Lotus Elise's in the corners), so you need to be able to steer quickly yet smoothly plus know how to work the accelerator pedal gently. Basically, it's a high performance sports car that demands concentration at all times; though it will excite and reward you if you know what you are doing. NOTE: I have been running it with the stock 16x8 wheels and 245/50-16 Yokohama ES-100s on front and 17x9.5 Z-06 replicas with 275/40-17 Nitto 555RII's rear and it is very streetable with this setup; just as streetable as my brother '90 Integra RS with 205/50-15 Hankook R-S2 Z212's all around. Putting the Yokohama ES-100's in front took the edgy racecar handling out of the Camaro and made it a more stable and more easily street drivable machine. Should provide no issues to anyone when driving on the road, provided they are a competent driver. WHAT HAS GONE INTO THE CAR: The Camaro was in minimal streetworthy condition when I first purchased it (blown rear dampers, difficult to shift stock shifter, rear tires losing air, fluids in desperate need of a change). The very first thing I did was bring it to a local service shop and have all the major fluids flushed and changed (oil, coolant, brake/ABS, power steering) before I started work on it. The following lists show what has gone into it since then (plus I have nearly every receipt of all the parts). Suspension/Brakes Hotchkis Sport hollow swaybar set (36.7mm front/25mm rear)  Spohn adjustable panhard rod with spherical-bearing ends  BMR panhard rod relocation kit  Spohn adjustable rear lower control arms with spherical bearing ends  Koni Sport single-adjustable dampers  New GM front damper mounts  17x9.5 Z06 replica wheels with 275/40-17 Nitto NT-555RII DOT R (track) tires [mostly worn down, need replacement] Hawk HP+ brake pads front and Hawk HPS brake pads rear  Stock replacement rotor front and Brembo replacement rotors rear Interior/Safety Kirkey 20 degree layback Intermediate lightweight racing seats  Sparco 4-point camlock harnesses  Sparco Ring steering wheel  Hurst Billet + competition shifter  2.5lb fire extinguisher mounted in center console  Autopower 4-point race bolt-in race rollbar Engine/drivetrain Newly installed SPEC stage 1 clutch/pressure plate kit  New GM flywheel  Turn-One racing Power steering pump  all power steering hoses replace with new GM ones  New GM clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder  Magnaflow muffler Exterior Stock side mirrors removed and a SPA Formula mirror on drivers side  Replica SS rear spoiler  rear antenna removed When autocrossing and attending track events, the power steering fluid was boiling and eventually the power stock power steering pump died (this is a common issue with the 4th generation Camaro when (autocrossing/running on track). So I took out the stock GM piece of junk one and replaced it with a Turn-One racing unit and redline powersteering fluid. Haven't had any indications of boiling fluid at the last autocross event ran. The stock clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder gave out at around 74,100 miles and since this car is such a pain to do transmission work on I replaced the old stuff with the following new items: GM clutch master and slave cylinders, GM flywheel, SPEC Stage I flywheel and pressure plate. Royal Purple Heavy Duty ATF fluid replaced the stock GM specified ATF fluid for the transmission. And on 12/01/05 I spent $600+ to have it checked out/inspected for a track event at the newly opened Motorport Ranch Houston roadcourse. EXTRA ITEMS THAT COME WITH THE CAMARO: I have some upgrade items that were going to be installed eventually and am including them with the sale price of this Camaro. Used 1 piece aluminum driveshaft (needs new u-joint)  used Global West Track link torque arm  new 3.73 rear gear set with complete install kit from Riverside Gear and Axle  used Torsen T-2 differential Full GM Service Manual Set  New Brembo brake rotors for front axles (do not fit correctly - stud holes need to be bored out a little)  Extra set of stock alloy 5-spoke 16x8 wheels with 245/50-16 Yokohama ES-100 tires with lots of tread WHAT DOESN'T COME WITH THE CAR: Some items have been removed to make it lighter for handling / easier to deal with. They are the following: Stock side mirrors, stock front seats, rear seats, all carpeting, all stock seatbelts, headliner, sunvisors, drivers airbag, all interior trim from doors back, factory jack and bracket, stereo unit and associated antenna/speakers/wiring. THE FEW MINOR ISSUES WITH THIS CAR: The body has some scratches in various locations, so if you are a person who is meticulous about paintjobs and appearance you might not appreciate it. There are also stress cracks in the front bumper cover, which is not uncommon on these vehicles. Not to mention the passenger side window has scratches as well (bought the Camaro this way - apparently someone thought scratching a car and passenger window, and busting the drivers window of a car for sale was fun. Window was replaced before I got it and I didn't care that the car had scratches since a perfect body is not a priority for an autocross/track car). The seating position is not adjustable, though the seat brace can be drilled and seat shifted forward if you need to get closer forward. The seat is also MUCH lower than stock, so if you have a short torso you might not be able to see out of the car at all - it was positioned for my 6'2" self and torso. If you are between 6'0" and 6'3" and 34" waist or less it should fit you well. Also, my 34" waist fits really snugly in the seat - any size much bigger than a 34" waist probably won't be able to fit. I would be able to custom install a Celica GT seat on the drivers side if the Kirkey seat would pose a fitment issue (I would keep the kirkey seat if this is the case). And concerning the lap belts they currently are currently fastened to the chassis at the stock seat belt mounting locations; I had planned to weld plate in proper position underneath and secure with appropriate bolts, washers, and nuts. But being that the mounting location might need to be changed depending on if the seat location needs to be moved, I think that would best be up to the new owner. The OBII port did not work when I recently took the car for inspection the first time since owning it a few weeks ago. Checked with the dealer, who confirmed it was just out of emissions warranty for free repair (8 years/80,000 miles...Good on the mileage count, missed out on time requirement by 3 months) and that it would be $85 just to look at it. The car easily passed emissions on the roller (3ppm for HC, 0.02% CO, 0.2% O2, 9ppm NOx, and 14.4% dilution), its just the OBII port does not communicate with the computer for some reason. Along the same lines the 12V accessory plug/cigarette lighter does not work - it has never worked on this car. Also it probably could use new front hubs, I haven't replaced them since owning the car and now would probably be a good time to change them to have piece of mind. Not inexpensive though, will run you $300+ just for the two hub units (ABS sensor is built into the hub).


I bought the car a little over two years ago specifically for autocross/track use and it's been used for around a dozen autocrosses, an Evolution Phase II autocross school, and three track weekends (one at Texas World Speedway and two at MSR-Houston).

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