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1995 BMW e36 M3 SOLD

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Condition: Very Good
Price:  US $23,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Raleigh, NC USA

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really a steal at this price, but new baby on the way, and not going to race/track for awhile so I'll just get a cheap toy I can wrench on in the garage until I am "allowed" back out of the house for race/HPDE weekends. I can also throw in my 16' trailer with tire rack, dual axle, dual axle brakes for DIRT CHEAP with the car as a package. Car has not yet been log booked, because I have not, and will not be getting my BMWCCA license. But the car is 99% for BMWCCA, minus the items below. Recent lap times Last Run at VIR Full with a time of 2:14(easily capable of sub 2:10's) Roebling road 1:22 VIR –S 1:20 VIR-N 1:43’s Car with a more capable driver and stickier tires is easily 2-4 seconds faster at each track, if not more. Drivetrain Car has 101,000 miles on the chassis Newly rebuilt motor 3.0L, leveled head, polished cam/crank journals, balanced, full head rebuild, all seals, valves, lifters, retainers are new All work was done within IP Spec's by “Cylinder Head Specialties” in Wake Forest. new timing tensioners Schrick Race Cams Secured/welded oil pump nut, new oil pump Active Autowerks Cloned Headers, full custom 3” catback exhaust(no cats) Ireland engineering Poly Engine mounts Typical add ons for cams, AA chip, HFM, AA intake, 24# injectors Brand new Clutchmaster sprung hub clutch Metrix performance built 3.64 LSD 30% lock rear Diff UUC EVO short throw shifter Recently Replaced the transmission recently with low mileage ZF, shifter bushings, All seals and shift pins were replaced. AA Transmission bushings with reinforcing cups AA rear Diff Support Bracket New Driveshaft Guibo Bimmerworld Dual Fuel pump kit New fuel filter and metal filter cover New radiator and metal thermostat cover Less than 2000 miles on water pump Entire suspension is top of the line Ground Control, except rear camber arms Ground Control front race camber plates Ground Control Advanced Design Coilover DAShocks , fresh rebuilt less than 10 days of track time on shocks Ground Control LCABearings All bearings in shocks were replaced Ground Control Rear Upper race shock mounts SPC rear camber Arms Brand new LCA's 3 track days on new arms. Meyle control arms with Solid metal joints new rear subframe bushings, Poly kit from Bimmerworld Ground Control Articulating rear weight jacks Eibach 800lb front springs and 950lb rears Lower Xbrace Aluminum Upper Strut bar UUC sway barbarians sways New trailing arm bushings with the delrin spacers New Poly Subframe bushings and subframe reinforcements lug bolts all replaced with studs New CV axles on one side and CV boots on the other side New Diff bushings Fresh alignment for the season 0 days on alignment Full custom 6 point cage with Nascar drivers bar and Window net Set of 5- 17x8.5 Kosei's with RA1's 2 track days on these tires Aero ExtremeSpeed Front splitter w/splitter supports, goes from 2" past front bumper to front axle Custom Dive plates Vortex generators on rear roof line APR GTC200 Spoiler with custom machined spoiler stands. Misc Battery box Dry weight @ 2780lbs (low enough to put me right at the legal weight Typical gauge set, oil press, water temp and oil temp. Also a WIDE band O2 SPAL electric pusher fan with auto thermostat Momo Quick release steering wheel hub and Race flat bottom steering wheel Stainless braided brake lines Stainless braided clutch line brand new clutch slave cylinder Tire pressure and temperature sensor kit Turner Motorsports head light FRP Intake Lightweight race battery 6 panel Wink mirror Maintained heater core and heat system Prewired for AMB system New serpentine belt The car does not yet have a log book, because I have not gotten my BMWCCA license class yet. But the car was built to IP and GTS3 spec's. This is a “short” list off the top of my head I have built this car from the ground up, replaced every bushing and have not skimped on build quality 110% turnkey racecar. The car is fast, quick and easy to drive!!! The "bad" things that I would like to do or should be done. Finish painting the rollcage, its about 80% done, but just have not had time with the new baby and my work schedule to finish it. Crack along the bottom of the windshield, it is not in the field of view and has not run all the way across, I can have this replaced if its an issue for the buyer, but it has passed tech inspection with all the groups I run with. And seems to happen to every car I've owned when I run at Rockingham! A few minor door dings and scratches, its a race car, not a show car, but Clean title and no major flaws or rust. Only things currently NOT IP legal are. headlight duct(i have a replacement headlight for when i was going to get the car inspected and logbooked so this is an easy fix. need to drill out the steering wheel lock, again, i plan to do this before the car is sold. LCA-Bearings, I ordered the nice Ground Control Delrin LCAB's(with the red anodized casing) and they sent me the spherical bearings instead, and I had an HPDE 2 days away so I installed them. I now have the delrin replacements and will provide them with the car. But have not pulled them off because the car has a fresh alignment on it. Needs a right side window net I have a lot of spares, here is just SOME of what i have. Brake Booster, clutch slave, clutch master, brake master, extra brake pads, hawk blues, ferodo ds3000, new spares rotors, control arm, extra full metal balljoints, spare delrin LCAB's, pressure plate, 2-3 clutch disks, to name a few of the extras that will be included with the car. I'll also include a spare Splitter/undertray or two, spare dive plates, and all my BMW "special tools" All the head/cam tools, etc And wait there's MORE.... I will also include a bullet cam system for your in and out of car video. See the track video for examples of the setup. Here is one pic I am currently uploading the rest come back soon! You tube video on track from outside the car www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwe9FP1_eQI I will also be adding a full HD "virtual tour" of the car, so you can see it from every angle! www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0119.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0120.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0121.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0122.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0123.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0124.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0125.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0126.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0127.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0128.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0129.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0130.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/FILE0131.JPG www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/m3010.jpg www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/m3012.jpg www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/engine1.jpg www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/engine2.jpg www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/100_0830.JPG Virtual Tour files HI-res HD Video Warning big files. best to right click and "save link as" www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/exterior.MOV www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/interior.MOV www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/enginebay.MOV Some on track video as well www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/Movie.wmv www.dcazin.c4-motorsports.com/m3/VIR_S_MAARC_new.wmv

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