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1960 Austin-Healey 3000 Works Competition Car Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: H BN 7 / 6686
Body Number: 3033 BN7 / 5470
Engine Number: 29D-U-H / 7328
Condition: original (repaint, engine rebuild)
Price: $110,000 USD or Cash and Interesting Trade
Location: Eastern Canada
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This is one of five cars prepared by the Competition Department of Healeys at Warwick for BMC Canada. The car is a time piece. All but a few parts are original. The 54 spoke wire wheels remain undamaged. All important competition parts are intact. The car recently had all old paint removed and repainted B.R.G. The engine has been rebuilt to "Special Engine" Spec 290. The trim has been cleaned up and the "special" driver's racing seat has been retrimmed in Connolly leather to original specification.

The car looks as new from the Competition Department in 1959, the chassis and other components remain original, showing the excellent condition of this car. UJB-144 has not been over-restored.

Needless to say, this is an appreciating asset. Healey Works cars have been and will continue to be, excellent investments.


The car and was shipped to North America with the other four cars. The car was registered in the U.K. as UJB-144 (sister car to John Chathams UJB-143 DD 300). This has been verified in England as the cars were road registered in the U.K. before being shipped to Canada so they could be driven to Silverstone for testing. This car has been in Canada since leaving the U.K. It was raced for 3-4 years in Canada and then used as a road car until 1970, then was parked until 1987. The car has had about 4 owners since leaving BMC Canada.

We have made the following significant historic documents available on the site:
A handwritten list of specifications from Dick Eklund on Morris Motors (Canada) letterhead, signed by Donald Healey
A handwritten note from Bill Woods detailing the five Sebring Spec. cars
British Motor Industry Heritage Trust cover letter
British Motor Industry Heritage Trust production record trace cetificate
Please click on the underlined text to view the document.

Recent Competition History

3 sprint/hill climb events, 1st and twice 2nd.


We are departing from our normal specifications section to provide the following informtion as it appears on a typewriteen sheet obtained from Bill Woods and believed to be from the Geoff Healey file on the Sebring 3000. "MG" indicates MG Motor Car Co. Abingdon to supply, "DH" indicates Donald Healey Motor Co. Warwick to supply. * indicates item appears on Dick Eklunds handwritten list above. Additional comments as recorded from Dick Eklund or Bill Woods.


Austin Healey '3000'
Wire Wheels. 3.545 Axle. * Non Overdrive. R.H. Drive.
B.M.C. Racing Green. Hardtop. No Heater.
MG 4.3 pinion option available for short tracks


Fit Race Cam DH *
Westlake Hodified Heads MG *
2 X SU HD8 2" Carburetters. DH
Increased Piston clearance (Honed blocks or pistons) DH *
Hard Mounting Rubbers MG *
Competition Clutch DH *
Special Locking of Nuts and Bolts DH
Large Sumps DH *
Oil Cooler DH *
N3 Spark Plugs DH *
RT Electrical Equipment MG * Rally type electrical equipment


Reinforcing Front DH * Chassis reinforced in front
Large Clicker Rear Shocks (New Brackets) MG * Clicking adjustable type
High Rate Front Springs MG *
Special High Setting Front Shocks MG *
Heavy Duty Anti Roll Bar DH
Duplicated Mounting Rubbers DH
Cupped Roll Bar Washers DH
Adjustable Side Rods DH or MG *
14 Leaf Rear Springs MG *
Special Stub Axles MG *
Type 16 3 pot Front Brakes MG * Girling # 16 3 calipers w/ targe pads
Type 12 Rear Disc Brakes MG * Girling # 12
Special Wire Wheels. (54 Spoke) MG Single lace
25 gallon Petrol Tanks DH
2 X LCS Fuel Pumps MG
Special Petrol Pipes DH
Wooden Rim Steering Wheels DH


Cold Air Vent To Cockpit DH
Special Driving Seat MG
Bumper left on but Number Plate Blanks painted on body for use if removed. Race Number circles (dependent on Regs) suggest we use plastic stick-on and plastic stick-on numbers (saves repainting cars for further use. DH
Lucas dipping mirrors on Brass Pillars MG
Demisting Duct to Screen and Rear Windows DH
22290 Dynamo MG * W/ oversize aluminum pulley to lower generator speed a high rpm
RB310 Regulator MG *


Check by Lucas Racing Dept DH
2 Std. Head Lamps Quick Release Rims MG
2 SLR Lamps MG
Rear and Side number Lamps. (Regs control) DH
Identification Lamps DH On hardtop
2 Speed Electric Wipers MG
Racing battery (short life) mounted on left side of trunk
Dual coils mounted, spare in event of failure


Lightweight quicklift jacks DH
Funcels DH - MG
Oil Syringe DH - MG
5" telltale Chrono tachometer
Special racing gearbox from Morris (long shift rod)
Fire extinguisher
Small dash (Ammeter + 4 switches)
Left speed light
Right speed light
2 speed wipers
Fuel pumps

Historic Production Racer Listings Austin Healey Listings

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