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1964 AC Cobra leaf spring 289

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Serial Number: CSX2534
Frame Number: CSX2534
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $850,000 OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: Los Angeles, Calif., USA
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CSX2534 is an independently modified from wire wheel car early in its life, restored to cutback door USRRC. Without an often lengthy essay, all it's early and late history is finger printed and available in the SAAC world registry for reviewing. Presently owned 40 years and part of my entire adult life. In the course of restoration in the 1980's, many of the mods would be extremely expensive to do today, if anyone would do it now, but are already long since in place. Lets begin with the frame rails fully sleeved to strengthen the chassis. The rear inner panels have been moved inboard about 2 inches per side to the shock mounts for wider wheel/tire clearance. This required a new alloy fuel cell to be fabricated including relocation of the LeMans fuel filler cap and some of the inner panels remade. Its front suspension has been altered to improve steering ackerman and wheel clearances. The front leaf set has been reforged to a strong 3 degree negative camber static to improve the very slow negative camber gain rate associated with all these cars. Suspension bushings are all Mike McClusky's improved control sets. The rear cutback door clip came from the east coast brokered to me back then and of course the doors modified to USRRC/FIA cut back at the same time. Hood scoop and oil cooler opening both accurate and lovely in shapes. Pictures show the dual oil coolers up front and the massive water radiator all to control engine cooling. Its present engine dyno tested at 440 bhp and I consider a fun run installation for track or street with excellent metallurgy ready for more horsepower if desired, to run nearer the front. It has a close ratio top loader transmission with the very rare Cobra scatter shield. Its exhaust is very rare for a 289 installation and only a few sets were manufactured by Ermie Immerso Enterprises, an exhaust manufacturer in the old days here in LA. It was slightly scaled down in size from of course the familiar big block cars. CSX2534 has 1 1/2 sets original FIA 6 1/2 & 8 1/2 magnesium wheels, 1 set alloy McCluskey S/C 7 1/2 & 9 1/2, 1 set 8 and 10 inch Kidney Bean, and one set extremely rare 8 and 10 inch alloy FIA, all 15" wheels. So, here is your leaf spring Cobra that can be fun run at the track or the street. But with potential for elevated performance as a core prepared to go either way. Honorably my CSX2534 was a perfect candidate back then to modify as in its first two years it was hit in the front. That said inventory of "modifieds" is now basically fixed as today no one will ever cut one again. My intention was to vintage race, but I rarely took the car to the track so its history is only with me. My vintage race career moved onto other classes and the Cobra remained on the street.


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