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1955 Quinn Epperly Vukovich Streamliner "Fuel Injection Special"

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Serial Number: N/A
Frame Number: N/A
Condition: Concours
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Location: Auburn, Indiana, USA
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The last "Fuel Injection Special" built by Quinn Epperly for the Ex- Bill Vukovich. Owned originally by Howard Keck and built for two time winner of Indianapolis Bill Vukovich (1953 and 1954). This unique Indy car was designed and developed to achieve 'near zero' drag by adopting advanced aerodynamic principles. The Streamliner project was headed by legendary Indy car builder Quinn Epperly with assistance from Jim Travers and Frank Coons. Known as the "Indy Whiz Kids", they set out to design and build the most advanced and competitive race car of their day. These same individuals would go on to even greater fame as the principal players of Traco Racing. In addition to incorporating a voluptuously slippery body, a driver adjustable aerodynamic spoiler was incorporated in the rear that at the time was referred to as an 'Elevator'. The Streamliner also featured a unique 'offset' engine and cockpit configuration to achieve enhanced weight distribution. Even more radical were plans for an all new purpose built V-8 engine. If one compares the Streamliner to other typical 1955 Indy 500 cars, it looks like it is 30+ years newer. Howard Keck had arranged for Epperly and his team to build the car for Bill Vukovich who had previously won the Indy 500 back to back in 1953 and 1954. To this day, no driver has ever won the Indy 500 three times in a row, so Keck and Vukovich were determined to go all out to win the 1955 race with the 'unfair' advantage of the Streamliner. Unfortunately Epperly was unable to complete the car in time for the 1955 race, so Vukovich entered the race driving Lindsey Hopkin's 500 Kurtis. Tragically, the widely known and popular Vukovich was killed while leading the race when he was entangled in an accident that had occurred in front of him - an event not unlike Dale Ernhardt's death in 2001 . Howard Keck was so distraught by Vuky's death that he withdrew from Indy 500 racing and the Streamliner was stored away and never raced by anyone. One of those 'wonder what would have happened' questions - if the Streamliner had been ready for the race, would Bill Vukovich have not become entangled in the accident in front of him that caused his death and gone on as the only driver in history to win Indy for the third time in a row???


Due to the tragic and untimely death of Bill Vukovich in the 1955 Indy 500, the Streamliner was stored and never raced. It is in brand new, NOS condition.

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