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2004 Courage Courage C65 AER Lmp2 Exclusive

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Frame Number: C65/C60 6
Condition: Running
Price:  €326,679 Euro  Currency_Convert
Location: Lugano,Ticino,Svizzera(Swiss)
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Courage C65 AER -Chassis Nb 6 : Approved Hybrid Lmp2, on 22/04/2004 -Car condition. Car is revised and ready to race. AER engine : 700kms/435miles from November 2008. New Merin Fuel tank: from October 2008. Damper Dynamic Brake System: Carbon Industrie Courage C65 AER- Technical characteristics General specifications Country of origin France Numbers built N/A Introduced 2004 Body design Paolo Catone Engine Configuration AER / MG XP-20 Straight 4 Location Mid, longitudinally mounted Weight 96 kilo / 211.6 lbs Construction light alloy block and head Displacement 1.995 liter / 121.7 cu in Valvetrain 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC Fuel feed Fuel Injection Aspiration Turbo Drivetrain Chassis/body carbon fibre monocoque Suspension (fr/r) double wishbones, coil springs over dampers Steering rack-and-pinion, power assisted Brakes ventilated carbon discs, all-round Gearbox Hewland Courage 6 speed Sequential Drive Rear wheel drive Dimensions Weight 762 kilo / 1679.9 lbs Length / Width / Height 4650 mm (183.1 in) / 1970 mm (77.6 in) / N/A Wheelbase / Track (fr/r) 2790 mm (109.8 in) / 1750 mm (68.9 in) / 1600 mm (63 in) Performance figures Power 550 bhp / 410 KW @ 6700 rpm Torque 600 Nm / 443 ft lbs @ 6000 rpm BHP/Liter 276 bhp / liter Power to weight 0.72 bhp / kg Resources Related articles 2006 Le Mans Series Useful links Mulsanne's Corner: Other cars by Courage 2003-2005 Courage C65 LMP2 Specifications Designer: Paolo Cantone Layout: Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive Monocoque: Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb monocoque Gearbox: Hewland TLS, 6 speed sequential + reverse Steering: Rack and pinion Suspension: Double wishbones, pushrods, horizontally located Dynamic spring damper units Wheels: Magnesium Front 18“ diameter x11“ width Rear 18” diameter x 13” width Brakes: Carbon or steel Diameter 355 mm x 35 mm thick Length: 4650 mm Width: 1970 mm Wheelbase: 2790 mm Front overhang: 860 mm Rear overhang: 1010 mm Front track: 1750 mm Rear track: 1600 mm Weight: 738 kgs. (2003 Le Mans) 798 kgs. (2004 Le Mans average) 781 kgs. (2005 Le Mans average) Tank capacity: 90 liters


History of Courage C65 / C60 6. Chassis C60-N°6 Engine JPX Year 2003 Group LMP675 First owner Courage Competition => -2003-06-10 -Le Mans 24 Hours- Entrant N° 31 Car Courage JPX C65 - 606 Chassis C60-N°6 Engine JPX V6 120° 3400 A (base Nissan) Team Courage Compétition (F) Category LMP 675 Drivers David Halliday/Smet (CH/FRA) Philippe Alliot (LUX/FRA) Carl Rosenblad (SWE) Retired after 1h 55 Engine trouble (broken timing chain) Le Mans Trap Speeds 2003 Data comes out of the 2003 Le Mans 24 Annual # 31 Chassis Courage-JPX C65 Speed (practice) 303 km/h (187.9 mph) Speed (race) 298 km/h (184.8 mph) -2003, November 9. Weather: Wet, then dry and cold Race Director: Daniel POISSENOT Circuit: Circuit Bugatti 4,180km Number of competitors: 42 Best Lap: 1:30.518 sur Audi R8 (N°5) Category: LMP 900 LMP 675 PROTOTYPE LM GTP PROTOTYPE LM GTS GRAND TOURISME LM GT GRAND TOURISME 2003, 1000km Classification General Position. 04 LMP675 Position. 01 N° 13 Team Courage Competition (F) Car COURAGE C65 JPX Engine JPX 3400 V6 120° Tyres Michelin Chassis (N° : 6) Category LMP 675 Drivers Wim Eyckmans (B) Roman Rusinov (RU) Enrico Muscioni (I) Race Trs 197 trs /Dist 823,46 km / Average 137,243 km/h 1:38.533 Practice Pos 8 /Laptime 1.31.900 /Average 163,743 km/h Podium LMP675: winners Roman Rusinov, Win Eyckmans, Enrico Muscioni, with Jon Field, Duncan Dayton, Larry Connor, and Olivier Porta, Yojiro Terada, Richard Balandras. => Next owners Paul Belmondo Racing (year) (2004) Comment : For 2004 rebuilt as LMP2 car and fitted with AER engine. Le Mans Test-Essais des 24 Heures du Mans, Le Mans.Date: 25.4.2004 Pos. 20. No. 37 Driver (Nationality) Paul Belmondo (F) Claude-Yves Gosselin (F) Marco Saviozzi (F) Car Courage C65 AER 6* (* chassis n° 6 ) Entrant Paul Belmondo Racing LapsTime 0:03:52,453 Pos. 2. Group. LMP2 . Le Mans 24 Hours 2004 COURAGE C65 n° 37: Belmondo/Gosselin/Saviozzi Abort. Courage car n°37 is hurt by the Corvette of Sébastien Bourdais. A big shock in the rail, before Indianapolis, and Paul Belmondo will have to let Courage car, here in the Tertre Rouge, remained silent. Its carbon monocoque is broken. In 2004 the team,Paul Belmondo Racing, acquires a brand new Courage C65 equipped with 2-litre turbocharged AER Ford motor. The car - in splendid sky blue and orange Gulf colours - is raced for the first time at Monza, first round of the 2004 LMES. After good testing by co-director Claude-Yves Gosselin and Marco Saviozzi as co-drivers, Paul Belmondo clocks the tenth best time, four seconds ahead over of USA Intersport Lola B2K/40. Shortly after the start PBR's Courage suffers fuel pressure woes and after two hours the engine blows up. Next race is Le Mans where during the night the PBR Courage is hurt by the Corvette of Sébastien Bourdais, without hope on repair. Next stages: the Nürburgring 1000-kms and the Silverstone 1000-kms, but again two early retirements. We have to wait the Spa 1000-kms to see PBR scoring its first points. The #37 PBR finishes eighth overall and second in LMP2, only headed by the works Courage C65. -2005 season #36 & 37 BELMONDO COURAGE C65 FORD Let us return to the subject which interests us. C65 will be propelled this season by an engine Ford as give evidence of it the stickers enormous ovals affixed on both sides of the engine cover. Really the AER engine was renamed, Ford bringing its financial support for the maintenance of propellers. 4 drivers are confirmed at the moment. Paul Belmondo will be associated with Didier André on N°37 (blue roll-bar - chassis N°6)while Claude-Yves Gosselin will share the steering wheel of N°36 with Karim Ojjeh (red roll-bar - chassis N°7). The last two drivers will be announced in a few days, since the definitive list of the entrants at Le Mans 24 Hours will be known. Two new important partners make their appearance on bodies blue sky of both Courage. The tanker Gulf and the games consoles X-Box. Le Mans 24 Hours 2005 LMP2 podium: class winners Thomas Erdos, Mike Newton, Warren Hughes, 2nd Claude-Yves Gosselin, Karim Ojjeh, Adam Sharpe, and 3rd Paul Belmondo, Didier André. Things go seriously better in 2005. Now Belmondo and Gosselin enter two Courages C65. At Monza and Silverstone (rounds #2 and #3 of the LMES) they finish at a superb fourth place overall (with the #36), winning LMP2. And even at Le Mans both cars are brought home, loosing LMP2 victory only during the last hour. At the Nürburgring the #37 is second in its class (13th overall). At Istanbul the two cars are brought home as 20th and 25th. PBR is third in the final LMP2 ranking of the LMES. -2006 Season In 2006 the team enters again two cars in the LMS. In Istanbul the #37 finishes as eighth, the #36 as 19th. At the Spa 1000-kms only the #36 receives the chequered flag (as 14th). Le Mans, however, is a disaster: both cars are out during the first hours. For information, the Paul Belmondo Racing had bought the third chassis 10 Courage C65, belonging to Noël Del Bello, before Le Mans 24 Hours 2006. This one had been aligned in the Sarthe with n°37 in the side of the chassis 7 with n°36. The third chassis 6, the oldest of the PBR, received in 2004 and engaged the first time during the 1000km of Monza of the same year and the last time at the Nurburgring 1000km 2006, was recently sold. . LMP2 engine: Ford/AER straight 4; 1,995cc turbocharged 550 bhp fuel capacity: 90 litres weight: 750 kg tyres: Michelin -2006, November 18 Gold Cup - 6 Hours of Vallelunga : Courage C65 AER in pole. Not being in possession of all the laptimes, we propose you some lines only on the qualifications of the 6 Hours of Vallelunga. After Japan, Italy... Courage shines on all the continents! To Vallelunga, Courage C65 AER of the Belgian D’Ambrosio and Italian Chiminelli picked up the pole position during Gold Cup, the race of the Six Hours of Vallelunga reserved for Sport-Prototypes and for GT. This pole, obtained in the term of the sixty minutes of qualifications,suffers no contesting because the closest rival of Courage, Maserati MC12 of Pedro Lamy/Cioci/Perazzini is at 3,879 seconds of pole realized in 1 ' 27 " 666. The third time is the work of Norma M20, that of Ghiotto / Casoni, in more than four seconds. While we thought of both drivers of Courage little familiarized with their new car, they achieved a nice great feat. More information tomorrow. -2006, November 19. Gold Cup - 6 Hours of Vallelunga: Victory of Maserati MC12 of Racing Box. Maserati of Racing Box is imperative for the second consecutive year. Pole position and best lap in race for Courage C65 AER, finally fourth in Gold Cup, event reserved for Sport-prototypes and for GT of the Six Hours of Vallelunga. The start had been given onto a wet track, but it did not rain any more. Courage C65, author of pole position, made the brilliant beginning of race, but it was delayed by technical problems and had to content itself with the fourth place in the arrival. Courage realizes nevertheless the best lap in race in 1 ' 28 " 888, what constitutes the new lap record of the Six Hours of Vallelunga. The previous record dated 2005 and belonged to the Lister Storm LMP1 of Zonca and Bellicchi which had run in 1 ' 29 " 515. -2007, November 17. Gold Cup - 6 Hours of Vallelunga : Courage in pole position. A quick look on the qualifications: Courage C65 n°2 of Chiminelli/Vallebona/Savoldi obtained in the afternoon pole position to Vallelunga in 1 ' 28 " 662 during the single qualifying session, run between 2 pm and 3 pm. This session was three times interrupted, the red flags having gone out because of several exits of track. Courage will share the first line with Norma BMW n°7 ( CN4)of the team WRC piloted by Ghiotto/Didaio/Uboldi. The first GT1,actually the only one of the entrants, Aston Martin DBR9 n°19 of the EDM Motorsports piloted by the British Hardman/Leventis -winners last week of Silver Cup-made a success with the third best time, in front of Lucchini n°11 ( CN4) of De Crescenzo/Merendino/Pigionanti. Mosler MT900 n°901 (Belcar GT3) of Vanity Racing (Vosse/Kelders/Greich) is tenth, just in front of Porsche 996 RSR Autorlando n°23 piloted by Alex Caffi and Zardo and Fratti. Manu Collard comes at once behind. Translated from Claude Foubert's article. -2008, November 22. Gold Cup - 6H of Vallelunga : Pole position for Lavaggi LS1 in front of Courage C65 AER. The qualifications of the 18th edition of the Six hours of Vallelunga took place yesterday early in the afternoon. Without surprise, it is the only one LMP1 in track, the Lavaggi-AER LS1 of Giovanni Lavaggi and Wolfgang Kaufmann that was the fastest and will so leave for pole position. However, the dominance of the Italian proto was not so wide as foreseen, because Courage C65 of the trio Renzo Meneghettii/Giuseppe Chiminelli/Marco Savoldi showed a beautiful resistance,featuring even at the head of the fastest time for a moment and granting after all only six tenths of a second to Lavaggi. This Courage, ex-Belmondo, still has beautiful rests. -2009 Courage C65/C60 6 car is for sale and ready to race…, in November,The Gold Cup-Vallelunga 6 Hours 2009.Why not?

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Gold Cup-Vallelunga 6H

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