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1990 Nissan 240sx/Silvia "Speed Channel Created" SCCA certified

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Logbook: SCCA Number 07 Formula D
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $50,000 OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: Canada
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Speed Channel Featured 1998 Nissan S13 For Sale!!!! This is the 240sx that was built for the Speed Channelís Sports Car Revolution in the 2005 season. No expense was spared in building this SCCA Spec Drift Car, and a list of mods can be found below. Believe it or not, to the viewers out there who have purchased the Shift 180 video, this is the same 240sx. It was built by on Sports Car Revolution, and I used every resource I could to modify it as much as possible. And for you die hard fans out there, be prepared for Shift 180 Part II, set to be released in the fall of 2006, whichÖ Iím sure you guessed itÖ shows the build up of the 240sx from where it was left off into this monstrosity. The DVD will be nearly 4 hours long, and outline everything I did to build this car up. Pre sales start in September 2006, so please email me to order yours! I started racing and competing with it in Canadian Championships and at the Formula D level, but I have had problems building a reliable team. Practice makes perfect, and unfortunately due to some unforeseen financial circumstances, I will no longer be able to afford the traveling and practicing costs associated with a race car built to this caliber. The car has been featured in so many publications and on so many shows, including: Speed Channelís Sports Car Revolution Speed Channelís Dream Car Garage Speed Channelís Tuner Transformation MenTVís War of the Wheels Performance Auto and Sound Magazine, Drifting In Canada Performance Improvements Magazine, Drifting In Canada Several ESPN car/racing shows Poker Night, Feature Film (release in 2007), John Millerís Car The car has also won nearly every car show that itís been entered in, but Iíll be holding on to those trophies for nostalgic value, so I wonít list them here. I can send a list via email if need be. There are three options a purchaser of this 240sx has, considering how extensively modified it is. 1 Ė Race Car Ö Keep it the way it is, full of decals and buy a race suit and a helmet. Now youíre FIA approved and ready to compete in the Formula D or other national Drifting Events. 2 Ė Show Car Ö Keep the car the way it is, but put in a stereo and an S15 front end. Chances are this would be one of the most modified show cars in the circuit. Nearly $5000 was spent on replacing almost every single bolt in the car, and I have the receipts to prove it. Even some discolored elements of the frame that Nissan had to search 4 months for, were found and welded into place. It would make a perfect show car. 3 Ė Street Car Ö Get rid of the fuel cell, some of the roll cage, put some of the interior back in (all of it comes with the sale) and take off all the decals. Now youíll have a street monster capable of over 500hp, but the car is so powerful and driftís so well that this should be an option only for an extremely skilled and patient driver. That being said, the car currently runs 15lbs of boost and makes 360hp to the wheels. We ran a 12.1 second quarter mile with it last, and thatís with spinning the 265 rearís all the way through 4th gear. The car has been substantially lightened and is quite fast and EXTREMELY reliable at this horsepower setting. The motor has been built to withstand 35lbs of boost, and Active Engine Rebuilders (builders of 1800hp Mercury boat racing engines) backs this up. We detuned it for drifting purposes and reliability. Our goal on the show was to match that of the Signal Auto Cars which run an almost identical set up. The motor was built to withstand 550hp, and can with the right turbine, however running a drift car at that level makes it much more sensitive, and we wanted reliability.


Please see www.sportscarrevolution.com for a detailed history.

Recent Competition History

7th place overall, Drift Mania Championship Various small event wins Champ Car Drift Demo at Indy 2005, 2006

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





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