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1987 March 87C Complete

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Serial Number: 87C-13
Logbook: CART 099
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $80,000 OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: Dallas, Texas
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This is one of two identical Marches used by Michael Andretti during the 1987 CART season when he drove for the Kraco team from Los Angeles. He won four races that year and finished second in the championship. Records have been lost but we believe this is the car in which he won Miami and Nazareth, his home track. The year after its only season of competition, Kraco changed their paint scheme just slightly and repainted the car. The car was used as a spare in the '88 season. It is still complete in every way except for the lack of a small battery which powers instrument panel indicator lights. We purchased this car directly from Kraco where it was the centerpiece display of their trophy room. Of all their cars, this is the one in which they felt the most pride. After we received the car, we went through it to check condition. Any car, after sitting unused for so long, will need to have the hydraulic systems rebuilt. We did this and the brake and clutch systems are now ready to go. We also pulled the undertray to examine it for scrapes and cracks and found none. We examined the underside of the engine while it was off and it is clean and error free. We then opened the fuel cell to check for debris. It was clean as was the fuel pump and everything in the fuel system. We even pulled the cam covers to ensure there were no problems lurking in the top of the Cosworth DFX. The car is perfect. The one thing we feel which should be done before returning the car to the track, though, is to freshen the engine. Like hydraulics, high RPM engines do not like to sit for long periods of time without being turned over. Piston rings and valve springs tend to go away. For that reason, we feel it would be best to have that work done before racing the car and have spoken to VDS Engines in Indianapolis about doing it. They have estimated about $20,000 for the job. You will find other similar Indy cars available for sale. We have found an 86C March in Kraco colors (less engine) which was used prior to Andretti's "magic season". We also have found a couple which were never Kraco cars but were painted in their famous color scheme. This car is the real thing. It comes with documentation from Kraco verifying its heritage. This is a very historic Indy car that almost everyone knows. I cannot count the times I have heard someone say something like, "I had a Hot Wheels model of it when I was a kid!". Now that the recession is coming to an end, we feel the value Indy cars with pedigrees like this one will begin to rise. Whether you want to put it on the track in the US or Euro BOSS series or just take pride in adding it to a collection, you will not find a better one anywhere in the world. Please take a moment to examine the photos below. Feel free to contact us for more information and detailed photos. We can arrange shipping internationally. If this is not the car you want, we have others available as well.


Raced by Michael Andretti for Kraco of Los Angeles in 1987. He won four races that year in two identical cars. We believe this to be the chassis used for the Miami and Nazareth wins. Used in 1988 as a spare. On display in Kraco's trophy room from 1989 to 2008.

Recent Competition History

Wins at Miami and Nazareth. Second in 1987 CART Championship.

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





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March Type Reference Indy/Champ Car Listings Historic Formula Car Listings March Listings

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