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1988 AAA V-8 Super Unlimited Road Course Special - Sorted and Race Ready Radical V8 Road Race Special - Race Ready-and Fully Sorted US $11,500.00
1969 AAR Eagle Mk 5 Readt to race AAR Eagle F5000 car with complete history from day one. US $205,000
1973 AAR Gurney Indy Eagle Smokey Yunick powered 73 Gurney Indy Eagle. US $145,000
1961 ALFA ROMEO Giulietta "Spider Veloce" Class leading outstanding vintage racer! US $49,900
1965 ALFA ROMEO Sprint GTVjr FAST, BEAUTIFUL, SAFE and easy to drive, what more could you want ? US $38,000.00
1964 AUSCA MK-II 1964 AUSCA Mk-II sports racer. Completely restored, and race ready. US $99,000.00
1958 AUTOSPORT MARK II Autosport Mark II 1959 Formula Junior / Canada Class US $29,000
1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Exclusive 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 US $26,500.00
1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Roller 1984 Alfa GTV 3.2 24v £15,000 United Kingdom Pounds Neg
1952 Allard K2 Allard K2 1952 - 3rd owner US $125,000 Neg
1965 Austin Mini Cooper Race Ready Exclusive Arguably Asia's fastest original classic Mini. Ready to race. US $30,000 firm
1953 Austin-Healey Special "Healarossa" 1953 Aluminum Body / Special V-8 Chevy US $79,850 .00
1969 BMW 1600 BMw 1969 2000 clasic racer. US $8,500
1964 Bobsy SR-2/3 Race ready sports racer Race-ready 1964 Bobsy SR-3. US $59,000
1970 Chevron B16 Ex works Le Mans Chevron B16 £190,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1972 Chevron B21 New HTP papers issued in Febuary 2015. £120,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1977 Chevron B42 Chevron B42 Formula Atlantic. Ex Riccardo Patrese 1977 Macau GP winner US $73,000
1979 Chevron B48 "Formule 2" Exclusive Sell Chevron B48 formula 2 €50,000 Euro
1979 Chevron B49 Chevron B49, F. Atlantic US $55,000
1948 Chevy Pickup Modified One of a Kind 1948 Custom Chevy Pickup - GORGEOUS US $60,000
1965 Chevy Corvair corsa 65 Corvair Corsa Road Race Ready US $10,000 OBO
1965 Chevy Corvette Very fast, lots of fun and power! US $52,000
1965 Chevy Corvette Coupe Race Ready 1 0f 2,500 coupes made in 1965 US $45,000 or OBO
1966 Chevy chevy "Nova" prostreet Exclusive bad ass nova US $40.000 neg
1968 Chevy Camaro RS "Sunoco Camaro Tribute" Chevy Camaro €59,000 Euro
1971 Chevy Camaro Vintage Trans Am Racer Turnkey Vintage Trans Am Road Racer US $34,900 or OBO
1971 Chevy Camaro A/Sedan, SVRAGroup 6 Race Ready Beautifull 1971 Camaro A/Sedan Vintage Racer US $65,000.00 OBO
1974 Chevy Greenwood Wide Body Corvette "Greenwood Batmobile IMSA Corvette" IMSA Greenwood Wide Body Corvette US $250,000.00 OBO
1988 Chevy Corvette/GT-1/Trans Am Perfect all documents included 1989 Corvette GT1 National Champion Ron Nash/Dennis Fischer/Morris Clement build US $595,000
1995 Chevy Camaro "SCCA Trans Am Race Car" 1995 Johnny Miller Trans Am Camaro US $129,500.00
1998 Chevy Corvette Trans Am Series Champion Trans Am Series Champion Corvette, Rebuilt and Ready to Race or Show. US $110,000
1961 Daimler SP 250 "Builder: Huffaker Qvale" Race Ready Huffaker built, GMT upgraded, Fresh Engine Build 2.5L Hemi V8, history, Rare US $48,000
1968 Datsun 2000 Exclusive Well maintained eye catcher with all the right stuff. US $12,900.00
1973 Datsun B-210 Fresh Restoration Damon Pleasant's 1976 C-Sedan Championship Winning Car.. Price Reduced US $39,000 OBO
1974 Datsun 710 a serious well built race car US $22,000
1975 Delta IR-F4B great race car for UNDER $30K! US $26,750 price reduction OBO
1959 Devin 195 Roadster "ASM Special" 1959 Devin ASM Special, Chevy, Hilborns, very fast. US $50,000 Neg
1973 Dodge Dart "Swinger" Roller project no motor no tra Exclusive 1973 Dodge Dart Mopar Roller US $4,900 OBO
2003 Doran Designs JE4 Rolex 24 Winner "Kodak" Rolex 24 Overall winner for sale. Ready for Daytona Classic 24 US $295,000 NEG
1984 EAGLE EAGLE INDY CAR Exclusive 1984 EAGLE INDY Car. US $108,000
1972 Elden PH-8 Exclusive Proven winner, ready to race. Complete car with spares/trailer US $17,000
1959 Elva MK IV L Sportracer "Sebring 12h" ELVA MK IV L, Coventry Climax 1100 cc, 1959, Sebring 12h €89,000 Euro
1960 Elva Courier Exclusive good starter car for Vintage racing US $35,000.00
1961 Elva Courier Exclusive Well sorted Vintage racer US $29,000.00
1963 Falcon Shells Competition lll Exclusive Rare, beautiful, Race-able US $39,000
1972 Ferrari 312pb 1972 Ferrari 312pb, Only one like it in the world. US $1,100,000.00 NEG
1966 Ford Mustang Exclusive 1966 Group 2 T/A Spec Ford Mustang US $65,000 Neg
1967 Ford Mustang Exclusive 1967 Ford Mustang Terlingua Race Team US $70,000.00 Firm
1972 Ford Elden DH10 100% REBUILT - RACE READY! US $22,500
1990 Ford Thunderbird 21 CITGO Wood Brothers NASCAR 1990 CITGO 21 Wood Brothers Ford Thunderbird US $39,500
1991 Ford Thunderbird "Wood Brothers Road Race" Roller Wood Brothers #21 Road Race Chassis from 1983-93 US $34,500
1992 Ford thunderbird "Mcdonalds" Roller qualifies for historic stock car racing group US $5,000
1998 Ford Thunderbird "Underbird" Runner Ford 1998 Stockcar ready to race US $35,000
1968 Gilbert Indy car Ready to Race Historically important and sensationally original late 60s Indy/USAC car US $94,500
1965 Ginetta G4 R Race Ready Gineta G4 US $94,750
1972 Ginetta G15 Race Car - Street legal CD $21,500 Canada Dollars
1985 IMSA BUICK Somerset Ready-to-go! IMSA Buick Somerset! Huge history! US $49,900 check comps!
1953 Ira Hassad Sports/Racecar "Track/Dry Lakes Roadster" street licensed roadster Iconic 1953 sports/racer/road car with full pictorial history. One owner family. US $55,000.00 OBO
1999 Joe Gibbs Racing Bobby Labonte INTERSTATE 18 "Bambi" Ready to run INTERSTATE 19 NASCAR. Joe Gibbs chassis no JG-007. Incudes many spares. US $58,000 obo
1962 Kellison J-6 "Panther" Vintage race body on an original 1960 Corvette frame US $20,000
1964 Kellison Astra J-5 As Built Mid 1960's Running Drivable Chevy V8 Auto Corvette Suspension US $37,500.00
1960 Lancia Appia III series with gt eng. "Appia with 60 hp engine" Lancia sedan III series with GT engine €10,000 Euro
1968 LeGrand Formula 5000 "The Only Long Wheelbase !!!!" Restored, ready to go Exclusive Pristine Condition US $80,000.00
1965 Lola Can Am T70 Spyder Winning recreation of a 1965 Lola T70 Spyder US $75,000
1973 Lola T 320 Super Vee Fully Restored Lola Super Vee US $35,000.00
1976 Lola T-342 Race Ready Vintage Lola T-342 with low time Ivey engine US $18,500 OBO
1978 Lola T 342 Lola T 342 in good condition. US $12,000.00 OBO
1978 Lola T440 - NEW PRICE Exclusive 1978 LOLA T440 VINTAGE FORMULA FORD - race ready with addition of fire system US $10,000
1978 Lola T506 710 Exclusive Lola t505 710 Autocross US $4,000 neg
1978 Lola T620 Complete and original parts Lola T620, recently restored US $22,000
1999 Lola Champ Car "Shell" Complete, running car. Exclusive 1999 Lola Champ Car. Complete and running. US $99,000 or best offer
2001 Lola 97-20 "Hapah-Lloyd" Fast car with lots of fresh and new components US $95,000
1959 Lotus 17 Exclusive Documented history and registered with the Historic Lotus Registry US $140,000
1960 Lotus 18 Lotus 18 FJ, original and in good ready to race condition US $77,500 OBO
1962 Lotus 22 1962 Lotus 22 in F1 spec US $95,000 OBO
1962 Lotus Brunton Super Stalker Beautiful, Fast and Street Legal US $39,500 Neg
1962 Lotus SuperStalker Fast, unique superperformance with daily driver reliability. US $28,995.00
1969 Lotus 61 Well maintained 61 Formula Ford with Ivey built motor and Taylor built gearbox. US $22,000
1970 Lotus Europa Modified Exclusive 1 st place modified class Brands Hatch 1987. 2nd in 1988 US $7,200.00 OBO
1972 Lotus europa Lotus europa US $13,500.00
1977 Lotus esprit LOTUS ESPRIT GROUP 5 RACE CAR US $45,000 obo
1992 Lotus ESPRIT TURBO 1992 LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO €30,000 Euro
1960 MG A COUPE €35,000 Euro
1961 MG A 1600 deluxe coupe Lightweight MGA 1600 Deluxe coupe £40,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1964 MG Midget/Spridget Exclusive Start you road to a championship driving a former SCCA National Championship US $22,000 Neg.
1967 MG MGB Exclusive track ready VINTAGE MGB! US $14,500
1967 MG Midget Vintage race car 1967 MG Midget proven winner in SVRA Group 1 US $27,500
1974 MG GT V8 1974 MGB GT V8 - Race Ready £30,000 United Kingdom Pounds Neg
1976 MG Midget 1976 MG Midget Race Car - Great starter race car US $5,000 OBO
2006 MG MC-12 Corsa "italian" Exclusive Super hyper active racing car US $2,263,825
1971 March 712 Formula 2 Fully rebuilt and race ready Perfect Historic Formula 2 with FIA papers ready to race €100,000 Euro
1974 March 742 Restored Race Ready Complete race ready restoration. Fully sorted! US $67,500 OBO
1976 March 2-4-0 "6 - Wheeler" Ready to race The only one, totally unique, fast, easy to drive and highly competitive £300,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1980 March 80A Exclusive Douglas Shierson Racing Team Car US $79,500.00 Neg
1982 March 82A-822 Meticulously Sorted/Prepared 1982 March 822 F2, BMW M12/7 2.0L asking $105,000 USD US $105,000
1984 March 84G "Spirit of Miami" Ready to race Ex Emerson Fittipaldi GTP 84G March race ready £175,000 United Kingdom Pounds.00
1986 March 86A Exclusive 1986 March INDY Lights Buick. Professionally restored and maintained US $39,000 OBO
1986 March Indycar "7 Eleven" Complete race ready 1986 '7 Eleven' Kevin Cogan March Indycar-Placed 2nd at 1986 Indy 500. US $67,371
1996 March Bennett MK II "The Iron Rod" World Sports Car FUN! FAST!! LOUD!!! US $99,000.00 obo
1963 Mercury GT Sport Racer Exclusive 2008 VARA C Sport Racer Championship Car US $50,000 Neg.
1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 427 Side Oiler "427 FE Side Oiler Drag Racer" Nostalgia Drag Racer Cyclone GT 427 Drag Racer US $65,000.00 OBO
1965 Merlyn Mark 6A Race ready, winning sports racer, fresh engine, aluminum block, new style head. US $112,000
1961 Morris Mini If you want the best Mini available, this is the car for you. US $20,000.00
1972 Ocelot Sport Racer Beautiful S2000 with MANY NEW PARTS! US $25,000
1969 PBS Mk. IV This classic sports racer was recently restored US $75,000
1969 Palliser-Winkelmann WDB2 "Xcar" Fully restored Professionally restored 1969 Palliser-Winkelamann WDB-2 Formula B car. US $72,500
1964 Pontiac Le Mans 1964 Pontiac LeMans vintage race car, price reduced US $79,000 OBO
1983 Pontiac IMSA GTO Firebird Rob Dysons Historic IMSA GTO Pontiac Firebird US $250,000 OBO
1983 Pontiac Pontiac IMSA GTO Firebird "IMSA GTO Firebird" Historic IMSA Racer US $250,000.00
1985 Pontiac Firebird- TRANS AM-IMSA-GTO This well documented Historic Trans AM Car is prepped, sorted and ready to run. US $89,900.00 Best Offer
1985 Pontiac GT-1 FIREBIRD Turn Key Car can also be seen on my facebook (Russ Thurber). Hear it run. US $25,700 OBO
1967 Porsche 912 Race Car 1967 Porsche 912 Vintage race car with new engine. US $41,500
1971 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Martini Racing Mary Stuart bodied replica US $125,000
1972 Porsche 914-6 GT clone "Grape Ape" ready to race Fast, competitive, race ready, 914-6GT US $38,500 firm
1974 Porsche 911 "PORSCHE 911 3 L RS" POSSIBILITY FOR RALLYE €60,000 Euro
1979 Porsche 930 groupe B Elligible pour Mans Classic par exemple €120,000 Euro
1989 Ralt RT5 Exclusive very fast and in very good condition US $25,000.00
1993 Ralt RT-40 RT-41 Tub Molds Exclusive RT-40 and RT-41 tub Molds US $3,500
1994 Ralt RT41 Complete tub up rebuild with lots of fresh components US $39,900 OBO
1989 Reynard Formula Atlantic 89H 1989 Reynard Formula Atlantic, complete, vintage eligible US $38,000.00 (OBO)
1991 Reynard 91D Formula Holden 1991 Reynard 91D Formula Holden (nee F3000) race-ready, fresh engine, g/box. US $65,000 Neg.
1988 Riggins Corvette turn-key, fast, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE Fresh off the podium, Turn-key, Elligible everywhere, tax-deductible! US $125,000
1995 Riley & Scott Mk 3 WSC. The only marque capable of beating the Ferrari 333SP US $150,000.00
2003 Riley & Scott MK 3C 2003 RILEY & SCOTT MK IIIC Chassis #005 The last Riley & Scott race car built, US $269,900
1984 Royale RP 37 Exclusive Sports 2000 €19,000 Euro
1984 Shrike p15 S2000 race car. Freshly painted, Fresh motor, fresh assembly US $22,000 OBO
1986 Spice GTP Lights Buick powerd Spice Race Ready US $325,000
1988 Spice SE88P Spice SE88P Works Entry in IMSA US $165,000.00
1988 Spice SE88P 12 hours Sebring GTP Light winning car fully prepared for 2014 Group C series US $260,000
1994 Spice WSC 1994 Spice Restored and fully sorted. Daytona pole sitter. US $185,000
1985 Swift DB2 Exclusive Fantastic Swift DB2 Sports Racer with Spares! US $33,995
1969 TVR Vixen REDUCED Fast,Reliable,Proffesionally prepared Vintage race car CD $27,000 Canada Dollars
1985 Tiga Mazda Camel Lights Race Car 1985 Tiga - Mazda Camel Lights Race Car US $69,900
1985 Tiga Mazda Camel Lights Race Car 1985 Tiga - Mazda Camel Lights Race Car US $69,900
1985 Tiga Mazda Camel Lights Race Car 1985 Tiga - Mazda Camel Lights Race Car US $69,900
1962 Triumph TR4 Appendix K Historic Racer Triumph TR4 built to FIA Appendix K specs. (pre 1965) €42,000 Euro
1967 Triumph TR4 "Powered Special" Special - race ready US $31,000 OBO
1967 Triumph TR4a new $22k motor, and upgrades. NEW MOTOR, UPGRADES, READY NOW!! huge history! US $34,900
1988 Tyrrell 017 Complete car, drive it tomorrow £99,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1994 Tyrrell 022 1994 Tyrrell 022 F1 Car US $240,000
1982 Van Dieman Formula Ford 1982 Van Diemen Formula Ford US $12,500.00
1976 Van Diemen RF76 A rare formula Ford in good condition 30,000 Australia Dollars Neg
1980 Van Diemen vd80 Ayrton senna van dieman 80 formula ford car £26,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1989 Van Diemen RF 89 FORMULA FORD n° 2 1989 VAN DIEMEN RF 89 FORMULA FORD €12,000 Euro
1985 Volkswagen Golf GTI MK II VW GTI MK II - Competition Road Course/ Race Car US $9,550 OBO
1972 Volvo 142e Exclusive SCCA FP also Vintage ready US $15,000 NEG
1958 kellison J4R "kellison manning special" early american special prototype US $100,000
1965 sunbeam tiger 1965 289 sunbeam tiger CD $80,000 Canada Dollars
1966 sunbeam tiger tiger race cart put you ass in somthing fast US $39,900.00



1991 41 141313 W-8 "American super car" most wonderful car super hyperactive American Racing car Vector-W8 £435,843 United Kingdom Pounds
2010 Aquila CR1 Aquila CR1 750HP LS7 completely rebuilt using the best components available £99,000 United Kingdom Pounds
2012 Ariel Spec:RaceAtom Well maintained exciting safe durable competition race car US $34,500
2002 Arrows A22 V10 engine with 692 bhp at 14500 revs so real F1 sound £150,000 United Kingdom Pounds
2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 GT4 Aston Martin Racing N24 GT4, Factory Built with GT4 Body Kit and Prodrive Motor US $88,000
2013 Aston Martin GT4 Grand-Am Complete Factory Built Racecar Turn-Key race-ready Aston Martin racecar! US $195k OBO
2007 Audi A4 R13 DTM Audi DTM 2007 POA Euro
2005 AutoKrafters Auto and Machine Opel "Purple Haze" 2005 Opel GT fiberglass body 1/8th bracket car, Chevy powered US $34,900
1973 BMC Mini Clubman GT The fastest Mini in Australia driven by the right driver 25,000 Australia Dollars
1988 BMW M-6 Car wins races and at this price is an absolute steal. US $15,000.00
1994 BMW 318i "Super Tourer" No longer for sale 110,000 Australia Dollars.00 Includes Spare Engine
2003 BMW Cooper S Race ready Very fast, easy to drive Mini US $30,000 with trailer & spares
2004 BMW FB02 "Formula BMW" Package 4 Formula BMW Race cars with incredible spares package US $175,000 OBO
2005 BMW FBMW Mygale "Formula BMW" 11 cars well maintained! €207,000 Euro
2010 BMW M3 GT4 M3 GT4 chassis no 7 £55,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1970 Buick 2 door coupe "GSX" 1970 Buick GSX Pro Street CD $69,999 Canada Dollars
2000 Carbir CS2 BARN FIND !!! Brand new (zero hours) Carbir SC2 with Custom 26' trailer US $105,000.00
1967 Chevy Camaro Turn-Key; race ready Exclusive 1967 Big Block Camaro Super Pro drag car. US $25,000
1978 Chevy Camaro 1978 Camaro-Chump Car Qualifed US $6,900 OBO
1982 Chevy Camaro 1982 Z28 S / G / TS / Weekend Warrior Race Car US $27,500 OBO priced to sell
1985 Chevy Camaro Race Ready Race Ready 1985 Trans Am, IMSA History US $55,000 OBO
1988 Chevy IROC complete race car pro mod race car ready to race US $40,000 OBO
1998 Chevy Corvette Coupe "Red Rocket" Race Ready tba US $70,000 / OBO / Trades
1999 Chevy Camaro Z28 Track Ready 1999 Z28 Camaro Road Racer US $22,000.00 Neg
1999 Chevy Monte Carlo SS "Pepsi Joy of Cola Busch Car" Exclusive Jeff Gordon's Pepsi Busch Series Race Car US $27,000
2000 Chevy Corvette "C5-R" 2000 Corvette C5R - Race Ready US $55,000
2001 Chevy GFORCE 05 "IRL IndyCar" IndyCar Chevy Gen II IndyCar GFORCE 2001 Engine Chevrolet Gen II 700cv US $79 000
2002 Chevy monte carlo One of NASCAR's most recognized driver/sponsor race cars for fun or appreciation US $165,000.00
2003 Chevy NASCAR Monte Carlo Roller NASCAR/ARCA Racecar US $12,000 OBO
2004 Chevy C5R Exclusive C5R Fia , GT1 US $85,000
2004 Chevy Corvette "Pratt & Miller GM Box Car" C5R Exclusive 2004 World Challenge C5R- Brand New Never Raced US $135,000 Neg.
2005 Chevy Monte Carlo Exclusive 2005 White Chevy Mote Carlo stock car in great condition. US $18,000 OBO
2005 Chevy Monte Carlo Turn-Key Very nice and Clean GTA Race Car US $21,000.00
2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 Corvette race car - Asia GT3 as new US $95,000 neg
2007 Chevy Monte Carlo SS "Buzz Chew" this car is a fresh motor and trans and is ready for the track, allot of extras US $29,500 OBO
2015 Chevy Camaro Exclusive New 2015 Camaro 195 MPH US $58,000.00
1997 Dallara INDY car 1997 Dallara INDY car. 3.5L Olds Aurora, extra motor, spares $55k US $55,000
1999 Dallara Formula 3 Two seater promotional car TWO SEATER DALLARA F3 CAR £36,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1999 Dallara Renault F399 Dallara-Renault Formula 3 Car US $1
2001 Dallara IRL Open-Wheel, Single Seat , Ground Effect Body US $85,000
2003 Dallara IRL INDY CAR- gearbox is an x-trac 6 spd seq Exclusive 2003 INDY IRL INDY CAR US $25,900.00
2001 Dallara IRL / Indy Car Dallara Chevrolet GEN ll IRL 2001 Dallara IRL Chevrolet, Sequential trans US $75,000
2015 Factory Five GTM-R "Koni 16" Racer 180 ++ MPH FF GTM-R US $134,000
1999 Ferrari Formula 1 Original Showcar Roller no engine Exclusive Scuderia Ferrari Original Formula 1 Showcar €175,000 Euro
2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge F1 F430 Challenge F1 - Perfect Track Day Racer US $155,000.00
2006 Ferrari FXX Exclusive super hyperactive Ferrari Fxx Racing car US $1,928,445
2006 Ferrari FXX Exclusive super hyperactive Ferrari Fxx Racing car US $1,928,445
2006 Ferrari FXX Exclusive super hyperactive Ferrari Fxx Racing car US $1,928,445
2006 Ferrari FXX "italian" Ferrari Evo Special ersion FXX Exclusive Ferrari-FXX Super hyperactive Racing car. US $1,928,445/-
2008 Ferrari F 430 GT3 Exclusive ENGINE AND GEAR BOX REVISED €100,000 Euro
2011 Ferrari 458 GT2 finish 3rd in 6H of Vallelunga 2013 €420,000 Euro
1998 Ford Saleen Mustang Exclusive Fast & Powerfull with Pro Racing History That can be run in multiple classes. US $37,000.00 OBO
2000 Ford Taurus Evernham Motorsports first car #19 Motorola US $135,000
2013 Ginetta G55 GT3 Complete with engine Very competative GT3 Race car. €210,000 Euro
1996 Gould GR37 Hillclimb/sprint car Gould GR37 DFR Cosworth race ready £45,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1992 Honda Civic Ready to Race Exclusive Race Ready Honda Civic - $20,000USD US $20,000 Neg
2011 J E I raised rail "JEI SLIP FRONT RAISED RAIL" Complete Roller READY TO WIN US $30,000.00 NEG
2011 Jaguar XKRS-GT GT2 "Factory Jaguar Le Mans GT2" Jaguar XKRS-GT Le Mans GT2 Race Car US $300,000
1997 Jim Hoyle A/F-Lakester Land Speed Car "Spirit of Oklahoma" Turn Key or Rolling Exclusive Very clean, very stable, very strong custom welded land speed car. US $45,000/25000
1989 Leyland Mini Clubman One of the fastest Mini's in Australia 12,000 Australia Dollars
2015 Lindsay McDiarmid LMR "001" Exclusive Fast Fun two seat race car. Can be made Road legal in some states US $23,000
1990 Lola T90-50 Exclusive LOLA T90-50 with Cosworth DFV Engine €46,000 Euro
1994 Lola T9400 "Duracell" Roller 1994 Lola T9400 roller. Rahal Hogan #11 Raul Boesel Duracell car. Price Reduced! US $35,000 OBO
1995 Lola T9500 Exclusive 1995 Lola Champ Car US $100,000
2006 Lola B06/10 Roller SOLD US $200,000 Neg
2007 Lola F3 World Junior Car Exclusive Lola F3 world Junior Car US $88,000 ono
2011 Lotus Exige S “Sorted, Developed, Ready to Race”! US $110,000
2002 MAZDA Protege "ex TriPoint & Elder/Brenner" race ready www.caranddriver.com/features/6696/sport-tvs-touring-terrors-page3.html US $25,000
2000 Mallen/Alley GT3/GTL Toyota Paseo This car is safe and is a ton of fun to drive. US $30,000 Negotiable
1995 Mantac Custom Built Hillclimb and Autocross Powered by Dodge US $20,000.00
1991 Mazda Spec Miata Track/Race-Ready '91 Spec-Miata with brand new Stewart racing engine and heads US $18,500 Neg
1997 Mazda Miata This is a great starter car for SCCA ITA class! US $5,500
1998 Mazda RX7 Mazda RX7 GT2/GT3 club racer US $45,000
2000 Mazda Miata "Spec Miata" Race Ready Tons of spares 2000 Spec Miata (with numerous spares including engine and gearbox) US $28,900
1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Exclusive 1990 Mitsubish Eclipse ITA racecar US $8,500 obo
2006 NORMA NORMA M 20B race competition or test track or climb race €26,000 Euro
2007 Nascar Chevy Monte Carlo SS #96 DLP Texas Instruments "Hall of Fame Racing" 2007 Daytona 500 Cup car Authentic Nascar raced in 2007 Daytona 500-#96 DLP Texas Instruments HOF Racing. US $150,000 OBO
1987 Nissan Pulsar NX Race ready 1987 Firehawk Touring Class Champion Nissan Pulsar US $7,500
2004 Nissan 350z Turn key v8 Road/strip ready 600 HP V8 Nissan 350z! US $23,000
2009 Nissan 370Z Race Car 2009 370Z Race Car 385 whp 2950 lbs wet no driver US $29,000 OBO
2009 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition Will Out Perform any US $115,000.000
1994 Pontiac Formula Firehawk Track Ready Firebird Firehawk w 535hp TPIS motor and full track proven setup. US $18,000
2001 Pontiac Sunfire 2001 Pontiac Sunfire NASCAR Dash series racecar with Chevrolet V6 engine. US $10,000 Neg
1982 Porsche 911 SC Supercharged DE TRack Car/ Street Legal Porsche 911 Track Car 82 Slope Nose Supercharged US $68,000 OBO
1982 Porsche 911SC 1982 911SC Race Car 1973 backdate US $33,000 or trade for street Porsche
1987 Porsche 944 Turbo Ready to Race Fully sorted Porsche Turbo with Ledas shocks, Great racer, reasonable price. US $21,000 OBO
1988 Porsche 944 TURBO "Rothmans Cup" 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo Rothmans Cup Factory built race car - lightweight trim wi US $69,500 O.B.O.
1989 Porsche 944 Turbo 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo GT3S car with low miles on -02 build. US $17,000
1999 Porsche Boxster Spec Ready to race Spec Boxster! Fresh build with zero miles! US $57,250
2001 Porsche 996 GT 3 CUP "TYPE GULF" COLOUR OF TYPE LE MANS AND GULF €40,000 Euro.00
2005 Porsche 997 Carrera Porsche 997 Racecar turn key ready for your enjoyment! US $55,000
2005 Porsche Grand Am GS 996 Carrera Grand AM GS Porsche 996, over $200k in documented construction and development . US $59,950.00 Firm
2008 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup S FIA GT3 "used by emerson fittipaldi2008" 911 GT3 Cup S FIA GT3 Spec.2010 reviewed by Porsche Engine+Gearbox millage=0 €195,000 Euro
2002 Protoform P-3 Formula Vee Race ready package Race ready Protoform P-3 national car and equipment package, $15600. OBO US $12,000
2011 RADICAL SR3 Radical SR3 RS Radical SR3 RS in perfect condition.Well maintained, many extras. Ready to US $55,000
2014 RCR SuperLite Coupe Race/street car US $140,000 OBO
2013 Radical RXC Race Variant One of the the few and first RXCs in the States. US $195,000
1998 Renault Clio "V6 Club Trophy" Ready to race Super fast and light Renault Clio V6 Trophy US $41,000.00
1992 Reynard 92D Exclusive Reynard 92D - Cosworth DFY €55,000 Euro
1993 Reynard 933 Exclusive Everything new, complete overhauled engine US $19,500
1994 Reynard 94D Top quality F3000/F4000, plenty of spares, very fast. US $45,000
1994 Reynard 94D "Reynard Lexus" Exclusive Reynard Lexus Pure Balance US $75,000.00 neg offers.
2005 Riley Technologies MKXI Daytona Prototype "Worlds Only Aston Martin DP!" Aston Martin Powered Daytona Prototype US $1 Contact For Price
1997 SPEC TRUCK Oval/Road Race Pickup Truck Race Ready Oval and Road Race Truck, tube frame, small block Chevy power US $9,800
1995 SPRA Indy Style Project Ready for your engine US $11,000
2012 Show Car show car FULL SIZE F1 TYPE SHOW CAR / SIMULATOR £7,500 United Kingdom Pounds
2002 Subaru WRX Ready to race 2002 WRX US $30,000
2004 Subaru STi Very Clean 2004 STi US $25,000 OBO
2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Project High horsepower Subaru STI project car needs some TLC. US $25,000 OBO
1998 Swift 008 FA 008 READY-2-RACE ! FRESH MOTOR! FOR SALE US $54,000
2000 Swift 008 New Hasselgren Engine, Fresh ground up rebuild, spare wheels and gears US $55,000
2002 Swift 014 Toyota "Concert Illusions" Driver spared no expense. Very proud owner, even had professional pictures taken US $95,000
2003 Swift 014 Toyota Tub up rebuild with lots of new parts, engine, cylinder head, ring & pinion etc US $79,900.00 OBO
2004 TATUUS FORMULA RENAULT 2000 Super Fast Formula with carbon fiber Tub US $15,700 OBO
2006 Tatuus Formula Renault 2000 Very fast car but cheaper to run. €21,000 Euro
2010 Troyer Whelen modified Exclusive Excellent custom built with all the Goodies US $39,900.00
2007 V8 Solution F Volvo S60 Silhouette Volvo Silhouette V8 500 HP ready to race €130,000 Euro
2012 Van Diemen Elan DP08 2012 Van Diemen Elan DP08 with fresh spare engine with extras US $42,000
2011 Young Fabrication/Cen-Pen Front Engine Dragster Complete with Trailer 180 US $32,500 or Trade
1985 honda crx hf body PRICED TO SELL!!! US $9,000 OBO
2007 juno car sse "sse cn" SUITABLE FOR OPEN SPORT SERIES £38,000 United Kingdom Pounds
2004 kia tuner "kia rio rst" factory tuner factory illegal street racer US $4,800 usd


Road Cars

2003 BMW M3 2003 BMW E46 M3 Track/Race Car US $53,800
1996 CATERHAM SUPER SEVEN JPE Exclusive vintage race car! €70,000 Euro
2004 CUSTOM 1 OFF Street Legal IndyCar AMAZING STREET LEGAL INDYCAR 600+HP UNDER 2000 POUNDS EXOTIC AND BEAUTIFUL+ US $150,000 Neg-trades considered
1964 Chevy Nova SS Nova SS 1964 Nova SS US $15,000
2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 7,712 Miles 672HP Street/HPDE Black/Black US $52,500
1965 Factory Five Cobra Daytona Coupe Street Legal, Vintage Racer Motivated seller... US $75,000.00
1965 Fisher Sportscars UK Fury Classic Exclusive 1200 pounds 200+HP,CR 5 speed 4.11 gears LSD US $33,000.00
1986 Ford Mustang GT Exclusive An ultra-reliable street/strip/weekend toy. US $11,000 OBO
1992 Ford Thunderbird Race Ready Clean sorted and fast. US $32,000
1999 Ford Mustang Convertible "Steeda Q400 serial 99-19" Mustang Steeda Q400 Convertible track day serialized vehicle rare history US $15,000
2003 Ford Mustang, Saleen Roller Exclusive Professionally built Lapping/Auotcross 2003 Mustang. CD $22,500 Canada Dollars Neg
2006 Ford Mustang New 2006 red/white Mustang GT 3.6 4V 5 speed SCCA T2 racecar US $65,000
2004 Mazda RX8 TURN KEY 2004 ROAD RACE MAZDA RX8 ***TURN KEY*** US $18,500 OBO
1969 Porsche 911 "911 2.0 L T" Matching number PORSCHE 911 2 L T MATCHING NUMBER €39,000 Euro.00
2006 Porsche Carerra 911 S Meticulous owner factory original maintained car with extended warranty. US $43,000
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI EJ20 WRC Wide "STI" coomplete impressive €19,000 Euro
2004 Subaru WRX STI Exclusive Great Road Race car US $16,995
1963 Toyota FJ40L "Ruckus" Complete Sand Dragster Awsome US $26,500 OBO



2010 Alfa Romeo TZ Alfa Romeo TZ recreation on tube frame with aluminum body. US $35,000
1983 Ferrari 308 GTB 1983 Ferrari 308 race car US $48,000
1968 Lola T150 Project 1968 Lola T150 SN01 Indycar Project US $120,000
1993 Lola Indycar Exclusive 1993 Menard Indycar US $59,500/trade considered
2002 Lola CHAMPCAR ROLLER Exclusive ther are two cars US $65,000.00
1966 Lotus cortina Lotus cortina body shell US $5,000
1982 Maserati 450S Maserati 450S conversion US $35,000
1961 Merlyn Mk 3 "Formula Junior" Project Historic Merlyn Mk 3 Formula Junior, from original importer US $34,000 Firm
2015 Racefab Inc tube chassis Trans Am GT1 chassis US $15,225
1998 Riley & Scott MKV "Heidi" Riley & Scott Indy Car 1 of 7 ever built!!!!! US $45,000 OBO

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