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1973 AAR Gurney Indy Eagle Smokey Yunick powered 73 Gurney Indy Eagle. US $145,000
1961 ALFA ROMEO Giulietta "Spider Veloce" Class leading outstanding vintage racer! US $49,900
1965 ALFA ROMEO Sprint GTVjr FAST, BEAUTIFUL, SAFE and easy to drive, what more could you want ? US $38,000.00
1984 ANSON SA 4 complete car Exclusive ANSON SA 4 SuperVee Complete Car US $14,888 OBO
1978 ATS HS1 ATS HS1-003 Chassis only - ex Keke Rosberg €22,000 Euro
1958 AUTOSPORT MARK II Autosport Mark II 1959 Formula Junior / Canada Class US $29,000
1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Roller 1984 Alfa GTV 3.2 24v £15,000 United Kingdom Pounds Neg
1984 Anson SA4 Gary Anderson Designed Anson SA4 Formula Super Vee US $26,000.00
1960 Aston Martin DB4 Lightweight Exclusive Official DB4 Lightweight with numerous race wins and AMOC Championship winner £275,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1965 Austin Mini Cooper Race Ready Exclusive Arguably Asia's fastest original classic Mini. Ready to race. US $30,000 firm
1953 Austin-Healey Special "Healarossa" 1953 Aluminum Body / Special V-8 Chevy US $79,850 .00
1969 BMW 1600 BMw 1969 2000 clasic racer. US $8,500
1974 BMW 2002 "B-sedan Race VARA California" BMW 2002 Racing Car is Awesome and in Great Shape!! US $19,550.00
1965 Bobsy SR3 Roller Sold as roller, virtually everything has been rebuilt. New paint. US $37,500.00
1965 Brabham BT14 Front running example against BT-29’s. Low hours and excellent compression. US $69,500
1970 Brabham BT-29 Exclusive 1970 Brabham BT-29 in outstanding condition US $88,500 Motivated Seller
1968 Chevron B14 Exclusive 1968 Chevron B14 Formula B US $100,000
1971 Chevron B-19 Beautiful reliable ready to run sports racer US $250,000.00 neg
1972 Chevron B21-23 Truly a race ready Chevron US $210,000
1976 Chevron B-36 Race ready, turn key, 10 races from ground up sestoration US $225,000.00
1978 Chevron B45 FA "Excita" 1978 Chevron B45 FA Excita in fantastic condition with documented history US $129,000
1979 Chevron B48 "Formule 2" Exclusive Sell Chevron B48 formula 2 €50,000 Euro
1979 Chevron B49 Chevron B49, F. Atlantic US $55,000
1948 Chevy Pickup Modified One of a Kind 1948 Custom Chevy Pickup - GORGEOUS US $60,000
1965 Chevy Corvette Historic B production Corvette US $120,000
1965 Chevy Corvette Very fast, lots of fun and power! US $52,000
1965 Chevy Corvette Coupe Race Ready 1 0f 2,500 coupes made in 1965 US $45,000 or OBO
1966 Chevy chevy "Nova" prostreet Exclusive bad ass nova US $40.000 neg
1968 Chevy Camaro 1968 Camaro SVRA and Detroit Autocross competition. BBC 600+HP, 5-Speed, ford 9 US $54,000.00
1969 Chevy Corvair Project Lightweight road race Chassis Designed by Racing Champs Racefab Inc. US $12,000
1974 Chevy Greenwood Wide Body Corvette "Greenwood Batmobile IMSA Corvette" IMSA Greenwood Wide Body Corvette US $250,000.00 OBO
1987 Chevy Shoal Bandit Complete roller, no drive trai 1987 Skoal Bandit NASCAR US $18,000.00
1988 Chevy Corvette 1988 Corvette historic Trans-Am racecar, completely restored. US $80,000
1990 Chevy Corvette R9G World Challenge Car This Corvette Has Never Been Titled And Has 648 Original Track Miles. US $87,500 NEG
1995 Chevy Camaro "SCCA Trans Am Race Car" 1995 Johnny Miller Trans Am Camaro US $129,500.00
1998 Chevy Corvette Trans Am Series Champion Trans Am Series Champion Corvette, Rebuilt and Ready to Race or Show. US $110,000
1965 Cooper T 75 Great Historic Cooper T75 F2 CAR with SCA Cosworth €139,000 Euro-
1970 DATSUN 240Z Exclusive 1970 240Z, FAST, RELIABLE AND FULLY SORTED US $37,500
1960 Daimler UK SP250 Exclusive For Sale US $28,000.00
1973 Datsun B-210 Fresh Restoration Damon Pleasant's 1976 C-Sedan Championship Winning Car.. Price Reduced US $32,000 OBO
1986 David Loring Racing Mazda - Denali Exclusive 1986 Mazda Denali Speedcar 125K US $125,000
1975 Delta IR-F4B great race car for UNDER $30K! US $22,750 OBO price reduction
1973 Dodge Dart "Swinger" Roller project no motor no tra Exclusive 1973 Dodge Dart Mopar Roller US $4,900 OBO
2003 Doran Designs JE4 Rolex 24 Winner "Kodak" Rolex 24 Overall winner for sale. Ready for Daytona Classic 24 US $395,000.00 NEG
1979 Dulon Mp21 Restored! Ready to race! US $14,500 OBO
1972 Elden PH-8 Proven winner, ready to race. Complete car with spares/trailer US $15,500
1966 Elfin Mono Complete with spares The quickest and best looking historic single seater. US $75,000
1961 Elva Courier Exclusive Well sorted Vintage racer US $29,000.00
1963 Elva Courier Mk III 1963 Elva Courier Mk III Factory Built Race Car US $55,000 OBO
1976 FIAT X 1/9 Turn key Exclusive quick, fabulous handling, fun US $20.000 neg
1972 Ferrari 312pb 1972 Ferrari 312pb, Only one like it in the world. US $1,100,000.00 NEG
1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Race Car US $58,000 Neg
1948 Ford Woody Deluxe Perfect for local car shows, parades or a country drive. US $69,995
1965 Ford Mustang K code K code notchback Exclusive 1965 K code notchback Mustang Trans Am, group 2 racer US $65,000 OBO
1966 Ford Mustang Exclusive 1966 Group 2 T/A Spec Ford Mustang US $65,000 Neg
1967 Ford Mustang Exclusive 1967 Ford Mustang Terlingua Race Team US $70,000.00 Firm
1969 Ford Cortina GT Exclusive Rare, Crowd Pleaser, Very Competitive US $18,750
1980 Ford Zink Citation Race ready ground up/rebuilt Refreshed Zink Citation with rebuild motor and many upgrades US $24,000.00 Firm
1990 Ford Thunderbird 21 CITGO Wood Brothers NASCAR 1990 CITGO 21 Wood Brothers Ford Thunderbird US $39,500
1991 Ford Thunderbird "Wood Brothers Road Race" Roller Wood Brothers #21 Road Race Chassis from 1983-93 US $34,500
1992 Ford thunderbird "Mcdonalds" Roller qualifies for historic stock car racing group US $5,000
1998 Ford Thunderbird "Underbird" Runner Ford 1998 Stockcar ready to race US $35,000
1992 Galmer Indy Danny Sullivan's 1992 Indy car. Long Beach Winner. US $65,000
1967 Gerhardt Indianapolis 500 Race Car A Real Heavily Document 4 Cam Ford Indy 500 Race Car US $145,000.00
1968 Gilbert Indy car Ready to Race Historically important and sensationally original late 60s Indy/USAC car US $94,500
1961 Ginetta G4 SVRA race winning G4 (D Prod); $20K in fresh sorting and FIA papers. US $75,000
1968 Ginetta G16 Completely restored to new condition, sorted and ready to race. US $175,000 NEW PRICE
1969 Grant King Prototype Indy 500 or F5000 Monocoque, Engine, Transaxle A Never Raced Indiananoplis 500 of F5000 Prototype US $85,000.00
1959 HUFFAKER BMC MK1 FORMULA JUNIOR As raced August 2015 Front engined Formula Junior, legal and ready to race US $85,000 firm
1962 HUFFAKER BMC MK2 FORMULA JUNIOR as raced Oct 2015 Rear engined Junior, as raced October 2015 at Sears Point US $75,000 FIRM
1961 Hoyt Special Two Seat Roadster 1961 Hoyt Special. Frame, body and car built by Al Hoyt US $35,000 Neg.
1953 Ira Hassad Sports/Racecar "Track/Dry Lakes Roadster" street licensed roadster Exclusive Iconic 1953 sports/racer/road car with full pictorial history. One owner family. US $95,000.00
1999 Joe Gibbs Racing Bobby Labonte INTERSTATE 18 "Bambi" Ready to run INTERSTATE 19 NASCAR. Joe Gibbs chassis no JG-007. Incudes many spares. US $58,000 obo
1962 Kellison J-6 "Panther" Vintage race body on an original 1960 Corvette frame US $20,000
1964 Kellison Astra J-5 As Built Mid 1960's Running Drivable Chevy V8 Auto Corvette Suspension US $37,500.00
1960 Lancia Appia III series with gt eng. "Appia with 60 hp engine" Lancia sedan III series with GT engine €10,000 Euro
1968 Le Grand MK 7 "The Rose Car" This car is for anyone who wants a classic racer from the 1960s. US $91,750 or OBO
1968 LeGrand Formula 5000 "The Only Long Wheelbase !!!!" Restored, ready to go Exclusive Pristine Condition US $80,000.00
1965 Lola Can Am T70 Spyder Winning recreation of a 1965 Lola T70 Spyder US $75,000
1973 Lola T 320 Super Vee Fully Restored Lola Super Vee US $35,000.00
1978 Lola T 342 Lola T 342 in good condition. US $12,000.00 OBO
1978 Lola T-620 Exclusive !st Water cooled Super V US $35,000 OBO
1978 Lola T440 - NEW PRICE Exclusive 1978 LOLA T440 VINTAGE FORMULA FORD - race ready with addition of fire system US $10,000
1978 Lola T506 710 Exclusive Lola t505 710 Autocross US $4,000 neg
1978 Lola T620 Complete and original parts Lola T620, recently restored US $22,500
1983 Lola T700 Complete Race Car Exclusive Sole surviving original Lola T700 Indy Race Car US $250,000 - Neg URGENT SALE
1997 Lola Indy Lights 9720 "Players Ltd." Top notch car with new bodywork, fresh engine and spares US $97,500
1999 Lola Champ Car "Shell" Complete, running car. Exclusive 1999 Lola Champ Car. Complete and running. US $99,000 or best offer
1962 Lotus SuperStalker Fast, unique superperformance with daily driver reliability. US $28,995.00
1965 Lotus 23B Lotus 23B with a Ford STR4 DOHC completely restored US $130,000
1965 Lotus Elan 26R GTS Best of the best throughout and ready to win! US $98,000
1966 Lotus 23B Lotus 23B restored and race ready, fresh motor with 4 hours US $106,000.00
1966 Lotus Elan S-3 Exclusive a proven, vintage legal, ready to race Lotus Elan with fresh Ivey engine US $35,000.
1967 Lotus Elan SE 1967 Lotus Elan SE completely ready to race! US $50,000.00/OBO
1970 Lotus Europa Modified Exclusive 1 st place modified class Brands Hatch 1987. 2nd in 1988 US $7,200.00 OBO
1972 Lotus europa Lotus europa US $13,500
1977 Lotus esprit LOTUS ESPRIT GROUP 5 RACE CAR US $45,000 obo
1992 Lotus ESPRIT TURBO 1992 LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO €30,000 Euro
1988 Lucchini SN88 Exclusive COMPLETELY RESTORED! €100,000 Euro
1960 MG A COUPE €35,000 Euro
1961 MG A 1600 deluxe coupe Lightweight MGA 1600 Deluxe coupe £40,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1967 MG Midget Vintage race car 1967 MG Midget proven winner in SVRA Group 1 US $27,500 OBO
1974 MG GT V8 1974 MGB GT V8 - Race Ready £30,000 United Kingdom Pounds Neg
2006 MG MC-12 Corsa "italian" Exclusive Super hyper active racing car US $2,263,825
1974 Mallock MK14 Almost new ready to race |Mallock MK14 £18,750 United Kingdom Pounds or £8950 as a rolling chassis OBO
1971 March 712 Formula 2 Fully rebuilt and race ready Perfect Historic Formula 2 with FIA papers ready to race €100,000 Euro
1976 March 2-4-0 "6 - Wheeler" Ready to race The only one, totally unique, fast, easy to drive and highly competitive £300,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1982 March 82A-822 Meticulously Sorted/Prepared 1982 March 822 F2, BMW M12/7 2.0L asking $105,000 USD US $105,000
1983 March 83s2 S2000 Fastest and most highly developed March S2000 in existence US $34,000
1984 March 84G "Spirit of Miami" Ready to race Ex Emerson Fittipaldi GTP 84G March race ready £175,000 United Kingdom Pounds.00
1968 McKee MK8 F5000 Mak Kronn car, restored, sorted and race ready. US $90,000
1967 Mercury Cougar "Bud Moore Engineering replica" complete running car Exclusive 1967 Bud Moore Engineering Mercury Cougar Trans-Am car. US $125,000
1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 427 Side Oiler "427 FE Side Oiler Drag Racer" Nostalgia Drag Racer Cyclone GT 427 Drag Racer US $65,000.00 OBO
1965 Merlyn Mark 6A Race ready, winning sports racer, fresh engine, aluminum block, new style head. US $107,000
1982 Ocelot MK6A Exclusive 1982 Ocelot MK6A S2000 US $22,000 OBO
1998 Panoz GT-WC Fully rebuilt - fast, agile, predictable and easy to drive US $35,500 REDUCED! Motivated seller
1964 Pontiac Le Mans 1964 Pontiac LeMans vintage race car, price reduced US $52,000 OBO
1983 Pontiac IMSA GTO Firebird Rob Dysons Historic IMSA GTO Pontiac Firebird US $250,000 OBO
1983 Pontiac Pontiac IMSA GTO Firebird "IMSA GTO Firebird" Historic IMSA Racer US $250,000.00
1985 Pontiac GT-1 FIREBIRD Turn Key Car can also be seen on my facebook (Russ Thurber). Hear it run. US $25,700 OBO
1991 Pontiac NASCAR Road race ready 1991 NASCAR MGD Pontiac US $65,000.00
1971 Porsche 911 1973 Targa Flora winning MARTINI RACING tribute US $135,000. trades
1972 Porsche 914-6 GT clone "Grape Ape" ready to race Fast, competitive, race ready, 914-6GT US $38,500 firm
1974 Porsche 911 "PORSCHE 911 3 L RS" POSSIBILITY FOR RALLYE €60,000 Euro
1979 Porsche 930 groupe B Elligible pour Mans Classic par exemple €120,000 Euro
1987 Porsche 962C SPORTS PROTOTYPE Chassis No. 962-C04 Bob Akin Racing Coca-Cola / Yokohama / Paradyne sponsored 96 US $1
1992 Porsche 968 Fast, Reliable, Competitive and rare Porsche 968 Race Car US $25,000 Neg
1989 Ralt RT5 Exclusive very fast and in very good condition US $25,000.00
1993 Ralt RT-40 1993 Ralt at a bargain price US $32,500
1993 Ralt RT-40 RT-41 Tub Molds Exclusive RT-40 and RT-41 tub Molds US $3,500
1994 Ralt RT41 Complete tub up rebuild with lots of fresh components US $30,000
1989 Reynard Formula Atlantic 89H 1989 Reynard Formula Atlantic, complete, vintage eligible US $38,000.00 (OBO)
1991 Reynard 91D Formula Holden 1991 Reynard 91D Formula Holden (nee F3000) race-ready, fresh engine, g/box. US $65,000 Neg.
1985 Riggins Buick Somerset IMSA/TRANSAM/GT Riggins 1985 Buick Somerset US $32,500 FIRM
1984 Royale RP 37 Exclusive Sports 2000 €22,000 Euro
1965 Shelby Daytona 1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe, 408cui 517HP Keith Craft Engine US $69,900
1986 Spice GTP Lights Buick powerd Spice Race Ready US $325,000
1988 Spice SE88P Spice SE88P Works Entry in IMSA US $199,900.00
1988 Spice SE88P 12 hours Sebring GTP Light winning car fully prepared for 2014 Group C series US $260,000
1994 Spice WSC 1994 Spice Restored and fully sorted. Daytona pole sitter. US $185,000
1992 Swift DB6 New Elite engine, fresh Staffs gearbox and fresh body work US $29,900
1985 Tiga Mazda Camel Lights Race Car 1985 Tiga - Mazda Camel Lights Race Car US $69,900
1985 Tiga Mazda Camel Lights Race Car 1985 Tiga - Mazda Camel Lights Race Car US $69,900
1985 Tiga Mazda Camel Lights Race Car 1985 Tiga - Mazda Camel Lights Race Car US $69,900
1970 Titan Mk6 1970 Titan Mk6 Historic, Formula Ford US $27,500 OBO
1972 Toyota Corolla Race ready Exclusive Raced every year since new, 1972 US $80,000.00 Neg. Reduced price
1965 Triumph 2000 SEDAN Race Ready Race Ready B Sedan US $8,200.00
1965 Triumph TR4A IRS Exclusive TR4A IRS vintage race car US $19,500
1967 Triumph TR4 "Powered Special" Special - race ready US $31,000 OBO
1967 Triumph TR4a 1990 National SCCA Winner! NEW MOTOR, UPGRADES, READY NOW!! huge history! US $25,000 'car only'
1988 Tyrrell 017 Complete car, drive it tomorrow US POA
1994 Tyrrell 022 1994 Tyrrell 022 F1 Car US $240,000
1976 Van Diemen RF76 A rare formula Ford in good condition 30,000 Australia Dollars Neg
1980 Van Diemen vd80 Ayrton senna van dieman 80 formula ford car £26,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1984 Van Diemen Formula Ford Complete Car EXCELLENT CAR! US $13,000.00
1989 Van Diemen RF 89 FORMULA FORD n° 2 1989 VAN DIEMEN RF 89 FORMULA FORD €12,000 Euro
1985 Volkswagen Golf GTI MK II VW GTI MK II - Competition Road Course/ Race Car US $9,550 OBO
1968 Zink C-4 Front running car US $14,500 w/ enclosed trailer
1965 sunbeam tiger 1965 289 sunbeam tiger CD $80,000 Canada Dollars
1966 sunbeam tiger tiger race cart put you ass in somthing fast US $39,900.00



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1991 41 141313 W-8 "American super car" most wonderful car super hyperactive American Racing car Vector-W8 £435,843 United Kingdom Pounds
2016 ATS SPORT Dieci "Italian Brand" roller FIA Homologated €39,900 Euro
2016 ATS Sport Rolling chassis Rolling chassis €29,900 Euro
2010 Aquila CR1 Aquila CR1 750HP LS7 completely rebuilt using the best components available £75 United Kingdom PoundsK or P/X historic racecar
2011 Aquila CR1 2011 Aquila Cr1 LS7, sequential as new US $169,995
2012 Ariel Spec:RaceAtom Well maintained exciting safe durable competition race car US $34,500
2000 Arrows A21 Complete and race ready Arrows A21 formula 1 2000 model complete race ready with spares £295,000 United Kingdom Pounds OBO
2013 Aston Martin GT4 Grand-Am Complete Factory Built Racecar Turn-Key race-ready Aston Martin racecar! US $195k OBO
2007 Audi A4 R13 DTM Audi DTM 2007 POA Euro
2005 AutoKrafters Auto and Machine Opel "Purple Haze" 2005 Opel GT fiberglass body 1/8th bracket car, Chevy powered US $34,900
1973 BMC Mini Clubman GT The fastest Mini in Australia driven by the right driver 25,000 Australia Dollars
1988 BMW M-6 Car wins races and at this price is an absolute steal. US $15,000.00
1994 BMW 318i "Super Tourer" No longer for sale 110,000 Australia Dollars.00 Includes Spare Engine
2003 BMW Cooper S Race ready Very fast, easy to drive Mini US $30,000 with trailer & spares
2004 BMW 325 Ci / E46 "Speed WORLD CHALLENGE CAR" Ready to Race Ready to Race US $68,500.00
2004 BMW FB02 "Formula BMW" Package 4 Formula BMW Race cars with incredible spares package US $125,000 OBO
2005 BMW FBMW Mygale "Formula BMW" 11 cars well maintained! €207,000 Euro
2005 BMW M3 / E46 "Continental Challenge GRAND AM" Ready to Race Ready to Race US $75,000.00
1970 Buick 2 door coupe "GSX" 1970 Buick GSX Pro Street CD $69,999 Canada Dollars
2000 Carbir CS2 BARN FIND !!! Brand new (zero hours) Carbir SC2 with Custom 26' trailer US $85,000.00
2007 Caterham SV Super 7 Hayabusa 1400 "Vader" 2007 Caterham Super 7 SV Hayabusa 1400: One of One in the United States US $65,000 OBO
1967 Chevy Camaro Turn-Key; race ready Exclusive 1967 Big Block Camaro Super Pro drag car. US $25,000
1975 Chevy Cosworth Vega Project decent Cosworth Vega project, good SCCA ITA reputation. US $2,200 . neg
1978 Chevy Camaro 1978 Camaro-Chump Car Qualifed US $6,900 OBO
1982 Chevy Camaro 1982 Z28 S / G / TS / Weekend Warrior Race Car US $27,500 OBO priced to sell
1984 Chevy Rear engine dragster Roller Complete restoration in 2000 US $6,000.00
1985 Chevy Camaro Race Ready Race Ready 1985 Trans Am, IMSA History US $45,000OBO
1988 Chevy IROC complete race car pro mod race car ready to race US $40,000 OBO
1998 Chevy Corvette Coupe "Red Rocket" Race Ready tba US $70,000 / OBO / Trades
1999 Chevy Camaro Z28 Track Ready 1999 Z28 Camaro Road Racer US $22,000.00 Neg
2000 Chevy Corvette "C5-R" 2000 Corvette C5R - Race Ready US $55,000
2001 Chevy Dupont Complete race ready Jeff Gordon 2001 Daytona 500 car US $90,000.00
2002 Chevy monte carlo One of NASCAR's most recognized driver/sponsor race cars for fun or appreciation US $165,000.00
2003 Chevy NASCAR Monte Carlo Roller NASCAR/ARCA Racecar US $12,000 OBO
2004 Chevy C5R Exclusive C5R Fia , GT1 US $85,000
2004 Chevy Corvette "Pratt & Miller GM Box Car" C5R Exclusive 2004 World Challenge C5R- Brand New Never Raced US $135,000 Neg.
2005 Chevy Monte Carlo Exclusive 2005 White Chevy Mote Carlo stock car in great condition. US $18,000 OBO
2005 Chevy Monte Carlo Turn-Key Very nice and Clean GTA Race Car US $21,000.00
2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 Corvette race car - Asia GT3 as new US $95,000 neg
2007 Chevy Monte Carlo SS "Buzz Chew" this car is a fresh motor and trans and is ready for the track, allot of extras US $29,500 OBO
2007 Chevy Monte Carlo Sprint Cup "Kelloggs Tony the Tiger" Complete Exclusive 2007 Hendrick Short Track Race Car, complete US $75,000
2015 Chevy Camaro Exclusive New 2015 Camaro 195 MPH US $58,000.00
1997 Dallara INDY car 1997 Dallara INDY car. 3.5L Olds Aurora, extra motor, spares $55k US $55,000
1999 Dallara Renault F399 Dallara-Renault Formula 3 Car US $1
2002 Dallara Indy Car Indy race car available for purchase that is truly top notch and race prepared US $125,000
2008 Dallara Indy Lights 2008 Indy Lights Dallara, Infinity V8, Fresh engine, gearbox and uprights US $95,000
2001 Dallara IRL / Indy Car Dallara Chevrolet GEN ll IRL 2001 Dallara IRL Chevrolet, Sequential trans US $75,000
1965 Dodge Coronet, 440 HT Complete Exclusive 'BAD TO THE BONE' BEAST, 1965 ONE OF A KIND DODGE CORONET US $68,900.00 OBO
2008 Dodge Charger "NASCAR C O T" COMPLETE Race Ready Evernham/Bill Elliott NASCAR winged road course race car US $77,000.00
2015 Factory Five GTM-R "Koni 16" Racer 180 ++ MPH FF GTM-R US $134,000
1999 Ferrari Formula 1 Original Showcar Roller no engine Exclusive Scuderia Ferrari Original Formula 1 Showcar €175,000 Euro
2000 Ferrari 360 CHALLENGE RACE CAR Manufacturer: Ferrari Production: 1999-2005 Assembly: Maranello, Italy Designer: US $84,900
2002 Ferrari 360 N-GT MICHELOTTO This car is a track machine and has a great soundtrack to go with it. US $237,500
2004 Ferrari 360 N-GT MICHELOTTO N-GT MICHE Exclusive Performance Specs Performance Specs Manufacturer Ferrari /Michelotto Production US $285,000
2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge F1 F430 Challenge F1 - Perfect Track Day Racer US $155,000.00
2006 Ferrari FXX Exclusive super hyperactive Ferrari Fxx Racing car US $1,928,445
2006 Ferrari FXX Exclusive super hyperactive Ferrari Fxx Racing car US $1,928,445
2006 Ferrari FXX Exclusive super hyperactive Ferrari Fxx Racing car US $1,928,445
2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge Car 2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge Car – Only 1 previous picky owner and 3K miles. US $189,900
2011 Ferrari 458 GT2 finish 3rd in 6H of Vallelunga 2013 €420,000 Euro
1900 Ford Mustang Exclusive Race Car Package! Check it out!!!! US $8,000.00
1998 Ford Saleen Mustang Exclusive Fast & Powerfull with Pro Racing History That can be run in multiple classes. US $37,000.00 OBO
2000 Ford Taurus Evernham Motorsports first car #19 Motorola US $135,000
1991 Formula Vee Mysterian 1991 Mysterian Formula Vee - Needs to be raced and ready to go. US $8,000 Neg
2013 Ginetta G55 GT3 Complete with engine Very competative GT3 Race car. €210,000 Euro
1996 Gould GR37 Hillclimb/sprint car Gould GR37 DFR Cosworth race ready £45,000 United Kingdom Pounds
1992 Honda Civic Ready to Race Exclusive Race Ready Honda Civic - $20,000USD US $20,000 Neg
2011 J E I raised rail "JEI SLIP FRONT RAISED RAIL" Complete Roller READY TO WIN US $30,000.00 NEG
2011 Jaguar XKRS-GT GT2 "Factory Jaguar Le Mans GT2" Jaguar XKRS-GT Le Mans GT2 Race Car US $300,000
1997 Jim Hoyle A/F-Lakester Land Speed Car "Spirit of Oklahoma" Turn Key or Rolling Exclusive Very clean, very stable, very strong custom welded land speed car. US $45,000/25000
2014 Lamborghihi Gallardo GT3 FL2 For sale: 2014 Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FL2 €145,000 Euro
2015 Lamborghihi Huràcan Supertrofeo For sale: 2015 Lamborghini Huràcan Supertrofeo €180,000 Euro
1989 Leyland Mini Clubman One of the fastest Mini's in Australia 12,000 Australia Dollars
1990 Lola T90-50 Exclusive LOLA T90-50 with Cosworth DFV Engine €46,000 Euro
1995 Lola T9500 Exclusive 1995 Lola Champ Car US $100,000
1997 Lola T97/20 Indy Lights 1997 Lola T97/20 Indy Lights - Mobil 1 #1. US $109,900
2001 Lola Indy Lights "Indy Lights Car" A front runner with numerous wins and top ten finishes in Vintage car racing US $85,000
2007 Lola F3 World Junior Car Exclusive Lola F3 world Junior Car US $88,000 ono
2011 Lotus Exige S “Sorted, Developed, Ready to Race”! US $110,000
2002 MAZDA Protege "ex TriPoint & Elder/Brenner" race ready www.caranddriver.com/features/6696/sport-tvs-touring-terrors-page3.html US $25,000
1995 Mantac Custom Built Hillclimb and Autocross Powered by Dodge US $20,000.00
1977 March Formula Atlantic Fantastic racing car donated to a children's program by a great racer. US $50,000.00
1991 Mazda Spec Miata Track/Race-Ready '91 Spec-Miata with brand new Stewart racing engine and heads US $18,500 Neg
1993 Mazda RX7 "GT2/3 Tube Frame" Mazda GT RX7 US $38,450
1997 Mazda Miata This is a great starter car for SCCA ITA class! US $5,500
1998 Mazda RX7 Mazda RX7 GT2/GT3 club racer US $45,000
2000 Mazda Miata "Spec Miata" Race Ready Tons of spares 2000 Spec Miata (with numerous spares including engine and gearbox) US $28,900
2005 Mazda Pro Formula Mazda Comes with spare wheels, front and rear wing assemblies US $36,000
1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Exclusive 1990 Mitsubish Eclipse ITA racecar US $8,500 obo
2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IX RS 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution US $25,000
2006 NORMA NORMA M 20B race competition or test track or climb race €26,000 Euro
2007 Nascar Chevy Monte Carlo SS #96 DLP Texas Instruments "Hall of Fame Racing" 2007 Daytona 500 Cup car Authentic Nascar raced in 2007 Daytona 500-#96 DLP Texas Instruments HOF Racing. US $150,000 OBO
1987 Nissan Pulsar NX Race ready 1987 Firehawk Touring Class Champion Nissan Pulsar US $7,500
2004 Nissan 350z Turn key v8 Road/strip ready 600 HP V8 Nissan 350z! US $15,000
2009 Nissan 370Z Race Car 2009 370Z Race Car 385 whp 2950 lbs wet no driver US $29,000 OBO
2009 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition Will Out Perform any US $115,000.000
2001 PANOZ GTS Race Ready !! PANOZ GTS Complete Package US $34,500 OBO
1994 Pontiac Formula Firehawk Track Ready Firebird Firehawk w 535hp TPIS motor and full track proven setup. US $18,000
2001 Pontiac Sunfire 2001 Pontiac Sunfire NASCAR Dash series racecar with Chevrolet V6 engine. US $10,000 Neg
1982 Porsche 911 SC Supercharged DE TRack Car/ Street Legal Porsche 911 Track Car 82 Slope Nose Supercharged US $59,500 OBO
1988 Porsche 944 TURBO "Rothmans Cup" 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo Rothmans Cup Factory built race car - lightweight trim wi US $69,500 O.B.O.
1989 Porsche 944 Turbo 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo GT3S car with low miles on -02 build. US $17,000
1999 Porsche Boxster Spec Ready to race Spec Boxster! Fresh build with zero miles! US $57,250
2005 Porsche 997 Carrera Porsche 997 Racecar turn key ready for your enjoyment! US $39,900
2006 Porsche 911 Cup Car This is a very capable car that is ready for the track any day of the week. US $99,500
2008 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup S FIA GT3 "used by emerson fittipaldi2008" 911 GT3 Cup S FIA GT3 Spec.2010 reviewed by Porsche Engine+Gearbox millage=0 €195,000 Euro
2009 Porsche Cayman TC PWC Championship car 2015 Pirelli World Challenge Class Champion US $125,000
2014 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup For sale: Porsche 991 GT3 Cup MY2014 €115,000 Euro
2015 Porsche 911 GT 3 Cup Car Performance Specs Weight/Dimensions: Total weight: approx. 1,200 kg Total length US $205,000
2014 RADICAL SR3 RS 2014 Radical SR3 RS US $75,000
2011 RADICAL SR3 Radical SR3 RS Radical SR3 RS in perfect condition.Well maintained, many extras. Ready to US $55,000
2014 RCR SuperLite Coupe Race/street car US $140,000 OBO
2016 Racefab, Inc. road race GT-1/Trans-Am Chassis and Suspension GT-1 Chassis and suspension US $10,395.00
2010 Radical SR8 "REDUCED!" 2015 Pikes Peak winner! 2015 Pikes Peak Unlimited Class-winning Radical SR8 Sports Racer. US $67,500 OBO
2013 Radical RXC Race Variant One of the the few and first RXCs in the States. US $195,000
1994 Ralt RT-41 Fastest RT41 you will find US $55,000 or BRO
1998 Renault Clio "V6 Club Trophy" Ready to race Super fast and light Renault Clio V6 Trophy US $41,000.00
1997 Renault Sport Spider 1997 Renault Sport Spider with hard-top & Sadev gearbox US $25,000
1992 Reynard 92D Exclusive Reynard 92D - Cosworth DFY €55,000 Euro
1993 Reynard 933 Exclusive Everything new, complete overhauled engine US $19,500
1994 Reynard 94D "Reynard Lexus" Exclusive Reynard Lexus Pure Balance US $75,000.00 neg offers.
1994 Reynard 94D Top quality F3000/F4000, plenty of spares, very fast. US $45,000
2005 Rick Hendrick Engineering Road Race Nascar #18 Joe Gibbs, Road Race, Joey Logano Nascar US $42,000
2005 Rick Hendrick Engineering Road Race Nascar #20 Joe Gibbs Road Race Nascar -110’’ Chassis US $42,000
2005 Riley Technologies MKXI Daytona Prototype "Worlds Only Aston Martin DP!" Aston Martin Powered Daytona Prototype US $1 Contact For Price
2007 SADEV ST75-14 SADEV ST75-14 "SADEV ST75-14" SADEV ST75-14 Exclusive Sadev ST75-14 Gearbox with new dial and all accesoorieds €4,500 Euro
1997 SPEC TRUCK Oval/Road Race Pickup Truck Race Ready Oval and Road Race Truck, tube frame, small block Chevy power US $9,800
1995 SPRA Indy Style Project Ready for your engine US $11,000
2012 Show Car show car FULL SIZE F1 TYPE SHOW CAR / SIMULATOR £7,500 United Kingdom Pounds
2012 Speads RS11 Excellent condition, fast, reliable. US $65,500
2001 Star Race Cars Formula Mazda Full Race Ready Race ready world championship winning Formula Mazda for sale! US $29,000
2002 Subaru WRX Ready to race 2002 WRX US $30,000
2004 Subaru STi Very Clean 2004 STi US $25,000 OBO
2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Project High horsepower Subaru STI project car needs some TLC. US $25,000 OBO
2006 Subaru WRX TR 2006 Subaru WRX TR Built by Phoenix Performance US $15,000 OBO
1998 Swift 008 FA 008 READY-2-RACE ! FRESH MOTOR! FOR SALE US $54,000
2000 Swift 008 New Hasselgren Engine, Fresh ground up rebuild, spare wheels and gears US $55,000
2002 Swift 014 Toyota "Concert Illusions" Driver spared no expense. Very proud owner, even had professional pictures taken US $95,000
2003 Swift 014 Toyota Tub up rebuild with lots of new parts, engine, cylinder head, ring & pinion etc US $69,900.00 OBO
2006 Swift 016 Formula Atlantic Brand New Car.....Must See!! US $180,000
2006 Swift 016 Formula Atlantic Fully upgraded 2006 Swift FA with Dynamic DSSV dampers, Elite engine and more! US $120,000
2006 Swift 016 Formula Atlantic Championship Winning Formula Atlantic US $135,000
2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder Turbo Rare Veilside MR2 Spyder Turbo US $15,995
1996 Toyota Paseo GTL or GT3 This car is safe and is a ton of fun to drive. US $21,000
2010 Troyer Whelen modified Exclusive Excellent custom built with all the Goodies US $39,900.00
2007 V8 Solution F Volvo S60 Silhouette Volvo Silhouette V8 500 HP ready to race €130,000 Euro
2001 Van Diemen FF1600 Rebuild with lots majorly new components US $49,900.00
2012 Van Diemen Elan DP08 2012 Van Diemen Elan DP08 with fresh spare engine with extras US $42,000
2015 Wolf Carbon GB08 This is a very light racecar that is extremely capable. US $125,000
2011 Young Fabrication/Cen-Pen Front Engine Dragster Complete with Trailer 180 US $32,500 or Trade
1985 honda crx hf body PRICED TO SELL!!! US $9,000 OBO
2007 juno car sse "sse cn" SUITABLE FOR OPEN SPORT SERIES £38,000 United Kingdom Pounds
2004 kia tuner "kia rio rst" factory tuner factory illegal street racer US $4,800 usd


Road Cars

1981 Alfa Romeo ALFA ROMEO SPIDER VELOCE A really cool and sporty Convertible to Drive and Enjoy! US $12,500.00 OBO
2008 Aston Martin Vantage 8 ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE 8 CORVETTE C6 CONVERSION. US $46,000.00 firm
1974 BMW 2002 Exclusive Race Ready BMW 2002tii, this 1974 is US $45,000
1996 CATERHAM SUPER SEVEN JPE Exclusive vintage race car! €70,000 Euro
2004 CUSTOM 1 OFF Street Legal IndyCar AMAZING STREET LEGAL INDYCAR 600+HP UNDER 2000 POUNDS EXOTIC AND BEAUTIFUL+ US $150,000 Neg-trades considered
1963 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport Licensed Continuation Duntov Corvette Grand Sport US $115,000
1964 Chevy Nova SS Nova SS 1964 Nova SS US $15,000
2002 Chevy Corvette "Blue Devil" Exclusive 9.32 Quarter Mile US $30,000
2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 7,712 Miles 672HP Street/HPDE Black/Black US $52,500
2013 Dodge Viper GTS This is a great car and a true American icon. US $89,900
1965 Factory Five Cobra Daytona Coupe Street Legal, Vintage Racer Motivated seller... US $75,000.00
1986 Ford Mustang GT Exclusive An ultra-reliable street/strip/weekend toy. US $11,000 OBO
1992 Ford Thunderbird Race Ready Clean sorted and fast. US $32,000
2003 Ford Mustang, Saleen Roller Exclusive Professionally built Lapping/Auotcross 2003 Mustang. CD $22,500 Canada Dollars Neg
2006 Ford Mustang New 2006 red/white Mustang GT 3.6 4V 5 speed SCCA T2 racecar US $65,000
2013 Ford MUSTANG BOSS 302 "LAGUNA SECA # LS 657" Street legal track car, has track key. US $44,500.00
2006 Ken Muth Nissan 350Z Exclusive Motec, Jerico 5 spd,quick change rear end US $25,000.00
1975 Lamborghini, Urraco P250, Lamborghini Urraco P250. llimited models built (791) rare collectable. US $86,000 FIRM
1997 Lola T97/20 Indy Lights 1997 Lola T97/20 Indy Lights - Mobil 1 #52 US $109,900
1989 MAZDA RX7 RC-7 race car with extras, road racing SCCA & FARA US $20,000 OBO
2004 Mazda RX8 TURN KEY 2004 ROAD RACE MAZDA RX8 ***TURN KEY*** US $18,500 OBO
2004 Monte Shelton Corvette Trans Am/GT1 Excellent Weekend Racer US $69,000
1980 Nissan Datsun 280ZX Exclusive White 1980 Datsun 280ZX with 180,000 miles US $6,500 OBO
1969 Porsche 911 "911 2.0 L T" Matching number PORSCHE €120,000 Euro
2001 Porsche 911 Turbo Custom Options Aluminum and Leather Shift Knob Trim Leather Sun Visors 5-Speed A US $49,900
2006 Porsche Carerra 911 S Meticulous owner factory original maintained car with extended warranty. US $43,000
2007 Porsche CAYMAN "Hatchback" A really nice driving car. US $23,500.00
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI EJ20 WRC Wide "STI" coomplete impressive €19,000 Euro
2004 Subaru WRX STI Exclusive Great Road Race car US $16,995
2000 SuperTruck Pro SuperTruck racecar Super fast! US $20,000 or OBO
1963 Toyota FJ40L "Ruckus" Complete Sand Dragster Awsome US $26,500 OBO
2000 VW R28 COUPE "HPA VW R28 Ebay Charity Challe" HPA VW28 FOR STREET,SOLO,RALLY,HILL CLIMB'S US $6,800.00 FIRM



2010 Alfa Romeo TZ Alfa Romeo TZ recreation on tube frame with aluminum body. US $35,000
1968 Caldwell D-13 Project Caldwell D-13 Formula Vee US $4,500.00
1981 Chevy CORVETTE "CORVETTE AMERICA" ROLLER NEEDS ASSEMBLY Documented "LOG-BOOK" set up sheets and photos US $32,000 OBO
1984 DeTomaso Pantera Chassis Group 5 Pantera US $36,000.00
1983 Ferrari 308 GTB 1983 Ferrari 308 race car US $48,000
1998 G-Force Indy Car Exclusive Cheever Indy Team Car US $24,000
1993 Lola Indycar Exclusive 1993 Menard Indycar US $59,500/trade considered
2002 Lola CHAMPCAR ROLLER Exclusive ther are two cars US $65,000.00
1966 Lotus cortina Lotus cortina body shell US $9,500
1984 Lotus M90/X100 "Unique Elan prototype" Project The one and only 1984 Lotus M90 (Elan Prototype) US $30,000 OBO
1982 Maserati 450S Maserati 450S conversion US $35,000
1990 Phoenix Camel Lights Chassis Phoenix Camel Lights Chassis US $8,500
2015 Racefab Inc tube chassis Trans Am GT1 chassis US $15,225
1998 Riley & Scott MKV "Heidi" Riley & Scott Indy Car 1 of 7 ever built!!!!! US $45,000 OBO
1967 Sunbeam Alpine V Make Offer 1967 Sunbeam Alpine V Make Offer US $1
1989 Swift DB4 Roller,Project,Parts Swift DB4 for sale - Parts/Roller US $15,000obo
1999 Unknown NW Tour Car Roller Project Great Opportunity to Own an Outrageous Track Car! US $3,500

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