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Porsche G96-50 Turbo Gearbox SOLD

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Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $8,500.00  Currency_Convert
Location: Cutler Bay, Florida

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I have for sale my spare 2004 Porsche G96-50 / 6 Speed Gearbox with only 10K miles. I purchased it to build another racecar but have decided to just stay with my two current Porsche racecars and not get into another project. This is the strongest Porsche gearbox you can find able to handle up to 800+ HP. Porsche uses this Gearbox on their 2004 and later 996 Twin Turbo Carreras which still uses the original bell housing all 911 had from the beginning on their air cooled motors. This is a cable shift gearbox so easy to use since there is no solid shift rod to have to clear around the engine with u joints, etc. As compared to the older G50/50 shift rod type that people are selling for 12K online this gearbox is stronger and has 6 speed which are closed ratio for quicker accelaration as compared to the 5 speed version of the G50/50 which is an ealier gearbox version from the 1980's I have built several racecars in the past using this type of gearbox before from Ultimate Race Cars, Noble Street and RaceCars, Ford GT 40, Mid Engine Kit Cars and also as pictured on a Porsche 914 racecars. They are great for V8 conversions specially on high HP / Torque engines. I attach some photos of the gearbox for sale and of cars I have built before that I used this type of gearbox on. The gearbox I am selling has not been used since taken out of a 996 twin turbo and is a perfect original low mileage one that has not been abused in any way. Photos of the racecars are others cars I had before that I used the same type of gearbox not the one I am selling now.

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