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To All Motorsports Specialist Firms:
Reach Race Car Owners and Buyers on the Internet!
Advertise on The Race Car Sales Site   www.race-cars.com 
For over a year now we have established ourselves as THE site on the Internet for racing car owners and buyers. We offer a constantly changing, wide ranging inventory of race cars for sale, historic and modern. We produce the most tantalizing pictorial listings of cars for sale on the Internet. We have dynamic and involving Parts for Sale, Parts Wanted, and Open Forum classifieds, attracting hundreds of viewers daily. We have established a community of thousands of regular viewers rivaling many specialist print publications. Our average monthly growth rate is over 30%!

We now offer advertisers access to our audience of motorsports participants. 
We have targeted our web site exclusively at race car owners and buyers. The site is designed to market racing cars and parts. The site is not designed for motorsports fans. There is no editorial content, race results, or motorsports news. The site also features reference pages oriented towards motorsports participants, the audience you want to reach!

If you have an Internet site we can deliver viewers for as little as $50 monthly.
We can place your "Banner Ad" on our most popular pages which "Clicks Through" to your web site, delivering hundreds of viewers. Banner ads are large, horizontal buttons, carrying text and graphics promoting your firm. They are "hot spots" or links to your web pages. When the viewer clicks on your banner ad they are taken to your web pages, exposing them to your product line and promotional message.

If you are contemplating an Internet presence we can create one for you very reasonably and provide a built-in audience.
We have created websites for many of our advertisers for fees as low as a few hundred dollars. A typical multi-page site with multiple color photos and catalog pages can be well under $500. If your catalog is already on computer we may be able to transfer it to the web for a surprisingly low cost. Most importantly, we provide you with an existing audience.

Target your placement to the particular market segment you serve!
Our site is very logically organized by competition car market segment. We have extensive classifieds pages and we also provide numerous reference pages containing information on racing car production and history, racing circuits, and race organizers worldwide. Our many site pages (over 2000) provide numerous opportunities to reach exactly the audience you seek. The following table lists typical placement opportunities, the audience for our last full month, and the placement cost per month.
Available Locations on www.race-cars.comViewership   Monthly Cost
3 Parts Wanted, Parts for Sale, and Open Forum Classifieds Indexes1500-2500$150-$250
4 Master Directories of Race Cars for Sale by Class, Type, and Marque1500-2000$150-$200
10 Master Listings by Class (F1, Indy, Formula Ford, Sports Racer, Nascar, etc.)500-1000$50-$100
7 Master Listings by Type (Formula Car, Sports Racer, Production; Historic and Modern)   500-1000$50-$100
20+ Master Listings by Marque (Austin-Healey, Lotus, March, Van Diemen, etc.)500-1000$50-$100
150+ individual car listing pages, spec sheets and photo pages (groups of 10)250-1500$25-$150
5 race engine directory and type listing pages300-800$30-$80
12+ Marque Reference pages and other Reference Pages (groups of 3)300-500$30-$50
Multiple month placement discounts are available.

Please visit our site to see for yourself.
race-cars.com, ltd.
1820 Edgewood Drive
Suite 103
Lakeview, FL 33803
(603) 643 8576
Detailed advertiser information is available on the site under "Info for Advertisers" including the latest audience statistics.

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